Thursday, June 19, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake's Gone Country!

….real country.

At least for the the Hank Williams, Jr. and Lynyrd Skynyrd show in Jacksonville, FL last Saturday night.

I decided immediately when my Daddy’o told me he got 4 free VIP tickets to the show, that this was going to be QUITE the time and definitely a learning experience.

**I learned……..
….that the last “rock” show Mama berry had been to was either Three Dog Night or Grand Funk Railroad (go ahead Mama berry), so my job was to get her “good and liquored up” because she was “too old” for rock shows.

….my girl Gina definitely deserved to be called Willie Nelson that night for her red, white and blue attire.

(We voted Gina sexier than Willie)

….the best things in life are dangerous: beer, women, and motorcycles…yeah, that dude was definitely at the show.

….that tye-dye rebel flag shirts make me say, “WHAT?!”
"Let's get rowdy!"

It was pretty funny when........
....a drunk woman got carried out by security BEFORE the show started, while the whole coliseum erupted into cheers and applause

….these underage guys came and stood in front of our section and took their shirts off and started bumping chests because they were so excited to see Bocephus!

....aforementioned underage guys tried to take my beer.

It fuckin’ rocked….....
….that we had our own bar and dance space in our section! HOLLA!

….that I spotted a cutie with a ponytail who smiled at me….until when I tried to talk to him later on and he dissed me. BOO!

….when Hank Jr. busted out with Run DMC's Walk This Way!

Lynyrd Skynyrd was ….. eh.

By the time they appeared I was too entrenched with my drink and doing the happy-clapper dance, however, it was freakin’ Lynyrd Skynyrd so every ounce of my “good ole boy” tried to come out.

But, probably the most important realization I made that night was….

That I have GOT to invest in some cowboy boots because cutie chicks in cowboy boots are sexy!

**I was lame and didn't charge my camera battery. So, therefore, always charge your camera battery when you're going to sneak it into a show.

(One happy strawberry!)


broseph said...

I like this; No set lists, just random comments. Good one

BTreotch said...

you need a rebel flag T-shirt !!!