Friday, September 24, 2010

Mirrorball and Glowsticks, Vol 1 Disco Biscuits Mix by HAL Masa

Japanese Bisco superfan Masa is back with another mix. This time he gives us the first in the series of Disco Biscuits mixes, Mirrorball and Glowsticks, Vol 1.

Mirrorball and Glowsticks, Vol 1
Home Again (Electron Jam) (6/6/02) >
Crickets (2nd Jam) (12/1/00) >
Hot Air Balloon (Ending Jam) (12/1/00) >
I-Man (Techno'd Jam) (2/15/09) >
Orch Theme (Rothbury Jam) (7/3/08) >
Astronaut (2nd Jam) (6/27/09) >
Helicopters (Ending Jam) (6/27/09) >
Helicopters (2nd Jam) (1/29/09) >
Grass is Green (Ending Jam) (1/29/09) >
Confrontation (Ending Jam) (6/3/09) >
Jam out of Nughuffer (3/5/09) >The Great Abyss (Opening Jam) (3/5/09) >
The Great Abyss (2nd Jam) (3/5/09) >
Spacebirdmatingcall(Ending Jam) (3/5/09) >
I-Man (Ending Jam) (3/5/09)


Be sure to check out Masa's Phish Mixes! Chapters 2 + 4, Chapters 1 + 3

Masa started a blog, visit often and bookmark that!


HAL_Masa said...

Thanks for posting, Joker!
I will be back soon.


I think this is great-
THANKS Masa and The Joker for sharing it with the world : )

~~Please~~ make another...

haris said...

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Good one!! :)

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