Hitler Responds to Phish Fall Tour Rumors on PT

Watch this ASAP before the YouTube police take it down. They already yanked three other versions!

BTW, thanks to Pauly for writing most of this hysterical dialogue.

Disclaimer: if you don't have a sense of humor, then don't watch the video! We all love Phish, but sometimes we love to poke fun at ourselves for taking our love of Phish waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously.


Anonymous said…
Brilliant! "I didn't squander all my vacation days to hear Trey sing ballads about getting molested." had me rollin!
Unknown said…
HAHAH. Brilliant
DJ Disco Bret said…
This is fucking priceless!
colonelforbin said…
Absolutely hilarious! Thanks to the person, or persons, who had the time to concoct this gem! Laughter is the best medicine!
The 200 song thing and the practice thing is my favorite, along With the 1997 fall tour part. Awesome.
Pauly said…
Glad y'all liked it.

Writing Hitler's dialogue was easy... I cherrypicked the best of PT hater comments about first leg of summer your.

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