Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Phish PNC 7/10/13: Setlist and Recap - Holmdel, NJ

Official Poster by Mike Davis
Last night's show was cancelled due to heavy flooding in Toronto. Phish is back in America and returned to the Garden State for a show at PNC.

Here is the setlist...
The Phish 7/10/13, PNC, Holmdel, NJ

Set 1: Llama, Wolfman's Brah, Sample in a Jar, Julius, Halley's Comet > GIN, Lawn Boy, Ya Mar, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, Theme from the Bottom > Suzy Greenstein

Set 2: Crosseyed and Painless > HOOD > Axilla > Sand > Light > Good Times Bad Times >Slave, Rocky Top > Cavern

Encore: Possum

Times: Set 1 began at 7:54 ET and ended at 9:09pm. Set 2 began at 9:39pm. Show ended at 11:15pm ET.

Courtesy of @PHIISH_FTR

Couch Tour Recap: PNC and Back to Jersey
By Pauly

My couch tour resumed courtesy of @SakuraYEM, the awesome Japhan broadcasting from the lawn. The boys returned to NJ, the home state of half of Phish. This show resembled the other four shows this summer... greatest hits first set and a second set with jammy goodness. No new songs this time around.

Phish bounced back from a rare cancellation with a 11-song 75-min first set sprinkled with fan favorites. It was rather short compared to the 90-min openers at SPAC. Llama opener was a positive omen. Wolfman's had mini-jam. Too early in the set to knock the socks off everyone. Leo addressed the crowd after Sample. He felt honored to be playing at the Garden State Arts Center. When he made a cracks that Fish and Gordo were not from Jersey, some of the crowd (lovingly) booed. Short hook on Halley's as per usual. I tweet'd: "Ripcord warning 5.5 mins in." It came in at 5:34. The bookies I work for would be proud. Gin jam took flight.  

Crosseyed and Painless kicked off second set. You know a big set is brewing when they bring the afro-funk. CP Monstah jam melted into HOOD. thirty minute 1-2 punch. That's how you start a set. Axilla is one of Fish's favorite songs. Wish they played it more. Excited to hear, I actually yelled "Fuck yeah!!!!" pretty loud it spooked my neighbor. Sand > Light was sublime. Too bad Sand sexcapades was cut short before it got really down and dirty. I sent text to Bruce at the show, told him I was jealous to miss this auspicious start. A nod to Zeppelin with GTBT. Trey shredding, Leo letting us know what it means to be alone. Then Slave popped up. They rushed the ending and thought it was ending there, but they busted out Rocky Top, which they often played in 1.0 when they were having a fucking blast. Fake out set closer. They tossed Cavern in there. Ha, opened with Llama and closed with Cavern? Man, flashbacks to the early 90s. Oh, and we got Possum'd at the encore. Third time in five shows. Every other night. My girlfriend was overjoyed that there West Side Story teases. I had no clue about Maria.

Looks juicy on paper. Stream sounded great thanks to @sakuraYEM's feed.

FYI... download 7/10/13 PNC at


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