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The Wook Patrol Podcast was created by the Joker and Pauly during the Phish Hampton reunion shows in 2009. There's a ton of podcasts with serious discussions about music... but we're not one of those. The Wook Patrol is just us talking about shit that happened while on tour, usually late night hijinks. The format is as loose as possible, but we record impromptu and experimental episodes.

Wook Patrol was on hiatus the last few tours, but we're back! Over the last two weeks -- spanning Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and Hollywood -- Pauly and the Joker chatted about the random things that happened on the western swing of Phish tour with our friends Wildo, Change100, Leslie, Broseph, and special guest Derek the Hitchhiker.

Wook Patrol Podcast - Summer 2013

Episode 1: Velvet Sea and Phishy Chick or Hooker? (2:53) -- Pauly asks Wildo and the Joker what they do during Velvet Sea. The Joker explains the new game we play late night in the casinos -- "Phishy Chick or Hooker?"

Episode 2: The Lot DJ (3:13) -- Pauly asks the Joker to explain his philosophy about being the best DJ on the lot.

Episode 3: Phamily Poker Classic 3 - Update #1 (with Change100 and Wildo) (2:44) -- The Mockingbird Foundation hosted a charity tournament at Harvey's. The Coventry crew participated (Pauly, Wildo, Change100). Pauly interviewed Wildo and Change100 during a break. Change100 describes how she busted a wook.

Episode 4: Change100 Makes Final Table of Phamily Poker Classic (with Change100 and Wildo) (3:59) -- Pauly busted in 56th place (out of 104), but Wildo and Change100 went deep. Wildo was knocked out in 12th place. Change100 made the final table. She busted in 8th place, but she made the money.

Episode 5: Poop Your Pants (with Derek the Hitchhiker) (1:29) -- Special guest "Derek the Hitchhiker" shows up at the after-party with 2 jugs of aloe vera water, which he claims will help you "poop your pants." He may/may not have pooped his pants during Tweezer.

Episode 6 - Snooty San Francisco Marina Chicks Hate Phish? (5:07) - Three miserable snooty girls from the Marina got dragged to see Phish in San Francisco. The Joker and Pauly talk about their plight...

Episode 7 - Wildo's Anti-Woo Stance; To Woo Or Not to Woo? (4:06) - After a mixed reaction from the "woo" audience participation at the first night in San Francisco, Pauly asks Wildo to explain his anti-Woo stance.

Episode 8: How Not to Pick Up Suicide Girls at Phish and The Joker's Phishy Fortune Cookies (13:22) - The morning after Saturday's SF show... Pauly wakes up the Joker, who tells two stories. One is about a hipster dude trying to pick up a Suicide Girl... and failing miserably. The Joker then talks about giving out fortune cookies with Phish Lyrics.

Episode 9: Hollywood Bowl Traffic Jam (with Broseph) (1:46) - While stuck in a huge crowd waiting to cross the street, Pauly chats with Broseph about their encounter with an eclectic cross-section of people at the Hollywood Bowl.

Episode 10: L.A. vs. S.F. and Sneaking in Fireball (with Leslie) (6:54) - Pauly chats with Leslie the morning after the Hollywood Bowl show. They discuss the differences between L.A. and S.F. crowds, along with her secrets for sneaking Fireball into shows. Plus, Pauly pontificates on why Phish has only done 1 show in Texas in 3.0.

Episode 11: Hollywook Bowl (with Broseph) (4:29) - Broseph tells Pauly about his wookery adventures while angle-shooting inept beer vendors at the Hollywood Bowl.

For more info and to listen to our archives, head over to Soundcloud.

Click here to listen to older episodes of the Wook Patrol podcast that we recorded in 2010 that featured Hornings Hideout, Phish's southern shows (Charlotte thru Alpharetta), Telluride, and Halloween in Atlantic City.

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