Monday, February 13, 2006

Trey and Phil & Friends Setist

Dammit. The show that I decide to skip... Trey showed up. The busted out Wolfman's Brother for the encore.
2.12.06 Phil Lesh and Friends, Beacon Theatre, New York, NY

Set I: Help On the Way > Slip > Franklin's, Cripple Creek, They Love Each Other, Cold Rain & Snow > Loose Lucy, Buckets of Rain, Watchtower

Set II: St. Stephen, What Sin > Jam > Cryptical Envelopment > Dark Star > The Other One > Dark Star > Jam > Eyes of the World > Goin Down the Road Feelin Bad, Gimme Shelter


muckster said...

T'was a fine show, but the encore wasn't the best part. Trey's guitar gave out during GDTRFB, and they never quite recovered after that. Before that, everything was fantastic, but the highlights were They Love Each Other and the jam out of Cryptical. Trey & Joan were digging on each other all night. Good times.

Dee said...

It's always the shows you skip that the climax in the run of shows happens. I went to see Phil on that run too and the highlight was Unbroken Chain which is still pretty damn great.
Muckster-Do I hear a Trey and Joan love connection?

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