Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today in Phishtory: 7/31/99 Japan

7/31 is a special today in Phishtory. I saw two shows on 7/31... ten years apart.

Fifteen years ago, on 7/31/93, it was the summer between my junior and senior year in college. I lived in Atlanta that summer and caught Phish play a rare show at Masquerade Park (which was an outdoor venue just outside the Masquerade Club). That may (or may not) have been one of the first acapella Free Bird. It definitely was the first time that I heard it.

Five years ago, on 7/31/03, I caught two shows in Camden with my boys Gil and Spider. It was raining, but we had covered seats and Phish tore it up in the second set, especially with the delicious sandwich to start the set... Piper > Mike's Song> Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove > Free.

But the show I want to bring to your attention is one that I did not attend. It happened in 1999 when Phish played three-days at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. They had so much fun at those shows that they made an effort to return in 2000 for a multi-city tour.
7/31/99 Fuji Rock Festival, Naeba, Niigata, Japan

Set I: My Friend My Friend, Golgi Apparatus, Back On The Train, Limb By Limb, Free, Roggae, Sparkle, Character Zero

Set II: 2001 > David Bowie, Velvet Sea, Prince Caspian, Fluffhead, Squirming Coil

Encore: Jam, Brian and Robert, Simple
Here's a soundboard recording...
Part 1: 7/31/99 Fuji Rock Festival
Part 2: 7/31/99 Fuji Rock Festival
Part 3: 7/31/99 Fuji Rock Festival
Enjoy that show.

Here's a video of an intense jam at the end of Prince Caspian...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cake, The Duo, and Los Amigos Invisibles Added to Outside Lands Festival

Los Amigos Invisibles at the Bowery Ballroom (2007)

Get ready for some South American funk. Los Amigos Invisibles is coming to San Francisco.

A couple of acts have been added to the Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco including Cake, Los Amigos Invisibles, and Benevento/Russo Duo.

We're heading up to that festival at the end of August. Can't wait for that Friday night opener with Beck and Radiohead. Then there's Panic and Wilco on Sunday.

Click here to see the line up for the three-day festival.

Photo credit: freehaircuts

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pimpin' Blogs: The Lost Art of The Mixtape

This one is put together by some Phish fans & music lovers like us, and would make BTreotch proud...check them out.
"The art of the mixtape... is fading into obscurity with the rise of mp3s and playlists. Now when a friend gives you a "mix" it's actually a playlist with hours of music in alphabetical order - leaving the flow of songs up to a shuffle button on your iTunes.

These mixes are different. They are the way it used to be done. They are the tape you painstakingly poured yourself into, narrowing the song selection down bit by bit, crafting the flow of melody and mood from one song to the next.

This is an art we are losing, but here amidst a digital age it will remain... the art of the mixtape.

Bob Dylan: Tell Tale Signs - Bootleg Series Vol. 8

Bob Dylan has a new redesign on his website

If you sign up, you can get a free mp3 of previously unreleased Dreamin Of You. That tune will appear in the latest installment of the critically acclaimed Bootleg Series called Tell Tale Signs - The Bootleg Series Vol. 8. You can pre-order the latest release on Bob Dylan's website.

Here's the track listing:
Tell Tale Signs - The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 by Bob Dylan

Disc One
Mississippi (Unreleased, Time Out Of Mind)
Most of the Time (Alternate version, Oh Mercy)
Dignity (Piano demo, Oh Mercy)
Someday Baby (Alternate version, Modern Times)
Red River Shore (Unreleased, Time Out Of Mind)
Tell 'Ole Bill (Alternate version, North Country Soundtrack)
Born in Time (Unreleased, Oh Mercy)
Can't Wait (Alternate version, Time Out Of Mind)
Everything is Broken (Alternate version, Oh Mercy)
Dreamin' of You (Unreleased, Time Out Of Mind)
Huck's Tune (From Lucky You soundtrack)
Marching to the City (Unreleased, Time Out Of Mind)
High Water (For Charley Patton) (Live, Niagara, 2003)

Disc Two
Mississippi (Unreleased version #2, Time Out Of Mind)
32-20 Blues (Unreleased, World Gone Wrong)
Series of Dreams (Unreleased, Oh Mercy)
God Knows (Unreleased, Oh Mercy)
Can't Escape From You (Unreleased, December 2005)
Dignity (Unreleased, Oh Mercy)
Ring Them Bells (Live at the Supper Club, 1993)
Cocaine Blues (Live, Vienna, Virginia, 1997)
Ain't Talkin’ (Alternate version, Modern Times)
The Girl On The Greenbriar Shore (Live, 1992)
Lonesome Day Blues (Live, Sunrise, Florida, 2002)
Miss the Mississippi (Unreleased, 1992)
The Lonesome River (With Ralph Stanley, from Clinch Mountain Country)
'Cross The Green Mountain (From Gods And Generals Soundtrack)

Disc Three
Duncan And Brady (Unreleased, 1992)
Cold Irons Bound (Live, Bonnaroo, June 2004)
Mississippi (Unreleased version #3, Time Out Of Mind)
Most Of The Time (Alternate version #2, Oh Mercy)
Ring Them Bells (Alternate version, Oh Mercy)
Things Have Changed (Live, Portland, Oregon, 2000)
Red River Shore (Unreleased version #2, Time Out Of Mind)
Born In Time (Unreleased version #2, Oh Mercy)
Tryin’ To Get To Heaven (Live, London, England, 2000)
Marchin’ To The City (Unreleased version #2, Time Out Of Mind)
Can’t Wait (Alternate version #2, Time Out Of Mind)
Mary And The Soldier (Unreleased, World Gone Wrong)
This latest series will be released on October 7.

And here's a video of my favorite Bob Dylan tune Subterranean Homesick Blues...

Wetlands Preserved Documentary

I caught a documentary on the Sundance Channel called Wetlands Preserved: The Story of an Activist Nightclub. And man, that brought back several vivid flashbacks and warm memories.

The documentary told the history of Wetlands (1989-2001) which was a club in lower Manhattan. I saw my first Phish show at the Wetlands in 1989 when I was 17 and a senior in high school. In fact, that might have been the first time I was ever in the Wetlands.

I can't tell you how many random bands I saw at the Wetlands in the 1990s including moe., God Street Wine, Disco Biscuits, Deep Banana Blackout, Jupiter Coyote, the Ominous Seapods, and Medeski Martin & Wood. I even saw Robert Hunter there a couple of times including countless other Dead cover bands. And then at the turn of the century, I caught local acts like Soulive and DJ Logic and also saw Robert Randolph get his start in the jamband scene with shows at Wetlands.

The Wetlands closed its doors in 2001 and I recall that my friends were super bummed at the sad news. It was one of the few places in town where you could have fun at a show instead of being harassed by surly security guards at places like Irving Plaza or getting squeezed out by the hipster acts at Bowery Ballroom.

A big celebration with Rat Dog was supposed to mark the closing but the events of 9.11 interrupted the final week of festivities. And if you didn't know, Mike Gordon played in the last official show at the Wetlands on September 10, 2001. He sat in with DJ Logic and Warren Haynes. Robert Hunter would play a couple of nights later to unofficially play the last show at Wetlands.

Anyway, if you get the chance look for Wetlands Preserved: The Story of an Activist Nightclub on the Sundance Channel.

Here's a bit...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mike Gordon w/STS9 Improv Download

Last week Cactus stopped by to jam with STS9 and drop some bombs on the crowd at Higher Ground. Here is the download.

I think its pretty good. If you are a little paranoid from too many bong hits, this one may spook you on the first listen...but its not the real cops coming, I promise.

You can find the entire show along with most of the recent tour at


I just found the debut Mike Gordon Band Show, Enjoy!

Mike Gordon
June 30, 2008 (Monday)
Iron Horse Music Hall
Northampton , MA

source1: (FOB, XY) Neumann KM184> Lunatec V3> Alesis HD24XR
source2: (onstage) Audio Technica 825> Aphex 207> Alesis HD24XR
source3: Soundboard Group Outputs (vocals, instruments, drum submixes)> XLR to 1/4"> Alesis HD24XR
lineage: HD24XR caddy> FST Connect> SDII [48khz 24bit] > DP4> WAV> Izotope RX (resample+dither)> WAV [44.1khz 16bit] xACT (SBE fix)> FLAC16 (with metadata)

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Clinton Vadnais [7/6/08] (cleantones gmail com)

disc 1:

01. preset 2:05
02. Another Door 7:49 Mike Gordon
03. Traveled Too Far 13:50 Mike Gordon
04. Ain't Love Funny > 4:14 JJ Cale
05. Kryermaten > 2:44 Todd Isler
06. Ain't Love Funny 2:19 JJ Cale
07. Voices 13:05 Mike Gordon
08. Cruel World 8:08 Scott Murawski
09. La La La 8:58 Tranquility Bass

disc 2:

01. Andelmans' Yard 10:38 Mike Gordon
02. Walls Of Time 10:08 Peter Rowan/Bill Monroe
03. She Said She Said 11:25 The Beatles
04. The Time For Loving Is Now 11:04 The Mustangs
05. encore: 3:04
06. Meat 5:53 Phish
07. Dig Further Down 7:14 Mike Gordon

Debut Show

The Band:

Mike Gordon - bass, vocals
Scott Murawski - guitar, vocals
Todd Isler - drumkit
Tom Cleary - keyboards, vocals
Craig Myers - percussion, vocals

Widespread Panic Fall Tour; Panic in NOLA for Halloween

Widespread Panic recently announced tour dates for their fall tour which will include a stop over in New Orleans for Halloween. Their tour will kick off in Austin on October 10th.
Widespread Panic Fall Tour Dates:
10/10/08 Fri @ The Backyard Austin, TX
10/11/08 Sat @ The Backyard Austin, TX
10/12/08 Sun @ Brady Theater Tulsa, OK
10/15/08 Wed @ Mud Island Amphitheatre Memphis, TN
10/17/08 Fri @ Lakewood Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA
10/18/08 Sat @ Lakewood Amphitheatre Atlanta, GA
10/22/08 Wed @ Leon County Civic Center Tallahassee, FL
10/24/08 Fri @ North Charleston Coliseum Charleston, SC
10/25/08 Sat @ North Charleston Coliseum Charleston, SC
10/26/08 Sun @ St. Augustine Amphitheater St. Augustine, FL
10/28/08 Tue @ The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater Miami Beach, FL
10/29/08 Wed @ The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater Miami Beach, FL
10/31/08 Fri @ UNO Lakefront Arena New Orleans, LA
11/01/08 Sat @ UNO Lakefront Arena New Orleans, LA
11/05/08 Wed @ The Murat Theatre Indianapolis, IN
11/07/08 Fri @ Riverside Theater Milwaukee, WI
11/08/08 Sat @ Riverside Theater Milwaukee, WI
11/09/08 Sun @ Riverside Theater Milwaukee, WI
Hmmmm... wonder which shows I can catch?

By the way, here's a video of Panic playing a Halloween show at the MGM in Las Vegas in 2006. JB sportin' a chicken suit. Priceless.

Cake Wakarusa 2008 Download

I have been fortunate to see a lot of music in 2008. Some of it I knew was going to blow me away, but most I had a good time but may forget about it a few months from now.

Cake at Wakarusa 2008 was the 1 show this year that I walked in with zero expectations and was completely blown away. I had a great time at this show and it is definitely one of my top 10 shows in 2008.

Of course I have heard Cake on the radio. I even owned a copy of Fashion Nugget in 1995 and sang along with The Distance. But when we walked over to the late night tent to see Cake a few weeks ago I did not know what a great live band they are.

This show has funky beats, sing alongs, an amazing cover (War Pigs) and some hilarious stage banter. See if you can pick up on the soda can red, white, and blue references in a couple of songs...

Cake 6/6/2008
Wakarusa Festival - Revival Tent
Lawrence, KS
Taped By Brian Price

01 Intro
02 Ruby Sees All
03 Stickshifts and Safetybelts
04 Comfort Eagle
05 War Pigs
06 Guitar
07 Arco Arena
08 Jolene
09 Pentagram
10 Frank Sinatra
11 Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle
12 Wheels
13 Love You Madly
14 Sheep Go To Heaven
15 Never There
16 Short Skirt/Long Jacket
17 Tree Giveaway
18 Italian Leather Sofa

Download Cake Wakarusa 2008 mp3

Weed News: Dr. Kush

Hat tip to Shaniac for this blurb in New Yorker Magazine... Dr. Kush: How medical marijuana is transforming the pot industry.

Here's a bit:
The people I met in the high-end ganja business had an affinity for higher modes of thinking and being, including vegetarianism and eating organic food, practicing yoga, avoiding prescription drugs in favor of holistic healing methods, travelling to Indonesia and Thailand, fasting, and experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs. Many were also financially savvy, working long hours and making six-figure incomes.
My girlfriend (aka Change100) is a California resident and she has a medicinal marijuana card, which means that I get to smoke all the fruits of her labor. I often consider moving to Los Angeles, just so I can get a card so I am able to score medicinal marijuana to help cure my anxiety and insomnia which was trigged by the current Bush administration.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rocking the Cradle: Egypt 1978

Thirty years ago, the Grateful Dead headed out to Egypt for a series of concerts at the Pyramids. The Dead played three concerts in front of the Great Pyramid.

Highlights from the epic run will be available on a double-CD and one-disc DVD will be released on September 30th.

According to JamBase...
Recorded September 15-16, 1978 at the Gizah Sound and Light Theater, the original 24-track recordings have been remastered for this set in HDCD for superior sound quality. The two CDs contain 18 tracks featuring more than three hours of music, including a version of "Fire On The Mountain" that many fans consider one of the band's best. Except for three performances that appeared on 2004's Beyond Description boxed set, the tracks on ROCKING THE CRADLE have never been released. The accompanying DVD features more than 100 minutes of footage; including 13 songs from the third and final Egypt show, which took place during a rare lunar eclipse. Legendary promoter Bill Graham called this show "one of the great experiences of my life." The DVD also includes a featurette titled "The Vacation Tapes" which catches never-before-seen candid band footage from the trip. The set comes in pyramid-inspired packaging and features rare photos from the trip and liner notes by longtime Dead associate Alan Trist, who was pivotal in making the trek to Egypt happen.
I'm eagerly awaiting the CD/DVD!

And here's a video of the Dead in Egypt with Ken Kesey planting a flag on top of one of the pyramids...

New Coventry Slideshow

Thanks to hozomeen for tipping me off to new Coventry slideshow. Check it out.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Radiohead Videos: St. Louis


Josh from clued me on on this link... Holy Shit - Radiohead Videos (St. Louis, MO; May 14, 2008).

And yes... holy shit!

Current Videos: Ting Tings and G. Love

The folks at recommended a few videos over the last couple of weeks. I have been too busy to post them... until now.

Here is a backstage interview with the Ting Tings...

G. Love discusses the blues...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Weed News: Man Bets Buds at Blackjack Table

Kudos to Kid Dynamite for digging up this gem. Some moron in Fresno was so wasted he decided to bet his stash at a blackjack table.

Seriously, did he think the dealer would pull out a bag of the dank and pay him 3:2 if he hit a blackjack? Or was he strictly going for estimated street value?

Today in Phishtory: 7/25/99 - Deer Creek, IN

I was there. Nine years ago, today. Phish. Deer Creek. To quote Daddy... sickness.
7/25/99 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN

Set I: Meat, My Friend My Friend > My Left Toe > Whipping Post, Makisupa Policeman, Saw it Again, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Cavern

Set II: Birds of a Feather > Walk Away, Antelope, Suzy Greenberg, HYHU > Purple Rain > HYHU, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Loving Cup
Download/listen link to 7/25/99 (courtesy of

The boys opened up with Meat and I lost my shit. They played a rare My Left Toe from that weird Siket Disc, which I only got because my buddy Modeski used to work at Elektra and hooked me up with a copy.

Random fact... six out of 16 songs were covers. They busted out a covers of Whipping Post, Boogie On, Walk Away, HYHU > Purple Rain > HYHU, and encored with another cover... Loving Cup.

New Disco Biscuits Video: Apache

by far my favorite Bisco video...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mike Gordon Jams With Sound Tribe Sector 9

Last night Mike Gordon jammed with STS9. Here is the setlist...
STS9, 7/23/08 Higher Ground, South Burlington, Vermont

SET 1: Somesing>Monkey Music, The Spectacle, Move My Peeps, From Now On, Metameme, Grow

SET 2: Aimlessly, Be Nice, Cactus Improv#, Tooth, Luma Daylight, Tap In, Bigs

E: 4 Year Puma

#w/Mike Gordon, obviously

More on this by Scotty B over at Hidden Track.

...and in a related story, New Mexico cavers chart unique `snowy' river of crystals.

Today in Phishtory: 7.24.98 - Houston, TX

Ten years ago today, the Phish was blazing through Texas with a stop at The Woodlands in Houston with one of the shortest shows in length on that tour clocking in at under 2 hours.
7/24/98 The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion, Houston, TX

Set I: Moma Dance, Runaway Jim, Bouncin', Stash, My Soul, Taste, Golgi Apparatus, Loving Cup

Set II: Wolfman's Brother > 2001 > Scent of a Mule > Ha Ha Ha > Scent of a Mule, Slave to the Traffic Light, Chalkdust Torture

Encore: Character Zero
Download/Listen link to 7.24.98 (courtesy of

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mile High Music Festival - Recap

Friday night included several hours of serious partying in the local clubs in Denver that the Joker frequented such as Cervantes and Owlsley's. We caught Pretty Lights, Praang, and EOTO. That was some fun shit and Friday was the overall highlight on the long weekend. Too bad we peaked before the Mile High Festival began.

I woke up on Saturday super sluggish with a stiff back. I totaled my rental car about a month ago in Las Vegas and although I walked away from the accident without a scratch, some back pain lingered. I really felt the residual effects as far as way as in Colorado. Over the previous week or so, I was trying to ween my addiction to pain killers. Although I left Las Vegas in a good head space, I woke up in utter agony on Saturday morning. Only one thing would make my back feel better, so I popped a pain killer. That was a bad idea. Downers at a music festival? That's the opposite high that I actively seek at music festivals. I want to be up. Way up. Instead, I was faded most of the day and had to take several naps. Maybe I'm just getting old?

I blame the hot weather. Since I just finished a two month tour in Nevada, I was used to triple digit weather. A typical the Colorado summer is in th low 80s, but we were caught in a heat wave as temperatures raced past 90 and reached triple digits.

The pharmies caused utter dehydration and the sizzling sun didn't help things. With a lackluster bill on Saturday, combined with my faded self and the hot weather, I struggled to get super excited and enthusiastic about who we were seeing. I guess that's why I took naps in the middle of performances.

On Saturday, we had a late start and ventually arrived to the festival grounds around 1pm. We were in the far parking lot and had to endure a lengthy hike to the entrance. We missed Newton Faulkner... the dreadlocked crooner with an acoustic guitar from the UK. Instead, we wandered into a tent that featured Bob Schneider. That was my first time seeing him and the crowd was into his music. He's sort of the Bruce Springsteen of Austin most known for banging Sandra Bullock. Geez, what happened to her?

We got a good spot for Mike Gordon. Made me miss Phish. The crowd was into Mike, but it didn't 100% gel for me. He had some highlights, which appear in the video in a previous post, but I went in with low expectations and Mike's band barely met those. They were solid but you know, I'm going through Phish withdrawal. It's not Mike's fault. As the Joker said, "This band that Mike is playing with is so much better than his country band."

It was boiling during Steve Winwood. The highlights included Light Up or Leave Me Alone and Can't Find My Way Home. His newer material was lackluster and it was simply too hot so we bailed. The Joker suggested we grab some shade in one of the two music tents. That's how we ended up at Andrew Bird.

Andrew Bird is a regular on the festival circuit and one of those early afternoon artists who can snag an early slot and often sits in with other musicians during the afternoon and night. The stuff Bird played was out-there and different and just kinda weird. I didn't care because he was playing in the shade.

I caught some moe. and took a nap for a few minutes as I recharged my batteries. We left early to get a good spot for Spoon. We hung out behind the soundboard. The quality of sound was top notch and Spoon sounded amazing. I just had low energy and even napped during one song. The Joker and Change100 dug their set. Out of everyone I saw on Saturday, Spoon had the best technical performance.... meaning... they sounded good. I didn't know enough of their material to tell you if they fucked up a song or rocked out a high energy version of a specific tune.

We headed over to Micahel Franti and Spearhead to flash peace signs to him for Strawberry Shortcake. We hung out near a shrine in the back area of the stage Franti played. We drank and took pics.

We made a rookie move and tried to get food before Tom Petty's set. So did 25,000 other people. The result? Stuck in line for 30 minutes waiting my Illegal Pete's burrito. It was worth the wait, but we were super wasted in line. Everything I was on had kicked in at that point. I was mush, rolling hard and had itchy arms courtesy of the pain killers. The Joker was on fire and almost started a riot as our line slowly inched to the front.

Tom Petty was packed and we were somewhere in the back. I kept telling the Joker that Petty was outstandingly mediocre at best. I've seen Petty enough times to know if he had a hot set or just phoned it in. We checked out the monkey exhibit...

The monkeys at night

After tripping out on the monkeys, we sat in the waaaaaay back of Petty up on the side of a hill. If Change100 wasn't blocking me, I would have rolled down the entire hill. That's how wasted I was. We made fun of Petty's voice and the bad sing-alongers in the crowd. One girl was so wasted that she screamed out, "Play Free Fallin!" Petty had played it just twenty minutes earlier. Steve Winwood sat in for Gimme Some Lovin' which was sweet.

We crashed hard on Saturday night and woke up early on Sunday to rally. The lineup was definitely stronger on Saturday and we headed downtown to breakfast at one of the Joker's favorite diners called Sam's No. 3. I crushed an omelete and was ready to get to the festival... except traffic was kind of a bitch.

We found the secret food court inside the soccer stadium. We had no idea that area was open to the public on Saturday. They also had AC in the bathrooms. Nothing is worse than having to take a dump in 100 degree weather inside a sweltering port-o-pottie.

We missed Rose Hill Drive. We could have caught the end of their set, but they were playing at a stage out in the scorching sun. We caught the end of Alberta Cross and smoked tough. At the tent next door was Ingrid Michaelson. She reminded me of a more socially adjusted Ani DiFranco. Happy lesbian songs instead of angry dyke music. She did a cover of Ice Ice Baby > Parents Don't Understand. That whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

The New Mastersounds are my new favorite band. I have been on a serious kick the last six months on the British funk band that reminded me of Galactic circa 1998. They played twice at Langerado and I was eagerly awaiting their set on Sunday. They played a gig in Breckenridge the night before and also got caught up in the massive traffic jam that we were stuck in. They got a police escort and arrived in time so everyone could shake their booty. I skipped Tea Leaf Green in order to see The New Mastersounds.

The acoustic guitar dueling duo of Rodrigo y Gabriela was on the main stage for their 4pm set. We celebrated 4:20 with them before we headed back to one of the tents to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I was more than please with their set. In fact the two acts I wanted to see the most came through in the clutch. New Mastersounds and Grace Potter were the highlights of the festival for me. Grace Potter is pretty hot and she frantically shook her ass during a couple of her high energy tunes.

We skipped John Mayer and hung out to drink and eat dinner in the secret food court. Afterwards we checked out a couple of song from The Roots before we migrated over to The Black Crowes. I wasn't familiar with their new material, but their set was solid as they mixed in a few of their classics with new stuff.

And then it was time for Dave Matthews Band. I really wanted to leave, but the Joker and Change100 wanted to see him. Before I flew to Denver I tried to persuade the Joker to throw a huge party at his house on Sunday night so we could skip Dave Matthews and rage instead. Alas, I got stuck at Dave in the back with a bevy of drunken frat boys and chatty high school girls on their cell phones. Luckily everyone had the munchies and I convinced the crew to seek out donuts and other snacks instead.

We discovered that there was a fire sale for food. Meatball subs for $2? Unreal. I was stuffed but ate one anyway. What a sick deal. They also had massive ice cream cones for $1.

We went back to the same spot we hung out for Tom Petty from the night before and caught the rest of the set. Joker is a closet Dave Matthews fan because he knew the names to all of the songs. I kept giving him guff over that. I was super happy to finally leave and we skipped the last two tunes.

Overall, the music festival was average. Nothing special. The highlights were Grace Potter, New Mastersounds, and Spoon.

Mike Gordon Interview - Phish Reunion = Pretty Soon

The folks over at WNEW interviewed Mike Gordon after the Mile High Music Festival.

Here's an excerpt:
"...We've started to talk as a foursome... as doing some more stuff again... rekindling the Phish thing. There's a lot of talk about that, and there's no specific plan so I don't have anything more to say about it, but I think there's a good chance of it - pretty soon..."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trey + Brooklyn = Hipsters and Hippies Collide

Trey in Crooklyn on 6/18/04

Trey will be playing a gig in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on August 7th. His band this time around includes veteran TAB members Russ Lawton, Tony Markellis, and Ray Paczkowski. Sweet. I love those guys. They will be playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Presale starts tomorrow... Wednesday! Get them while they are hot. Head over to Trey ticketing for more info.

Here's more Trey summer tour dates...

8.2.08 Newport Folk Festival @ Newport, RI
8.7.08 Music Hall of Williamsburg @ Brooklyn, NY
8.10.08 All Points West @ Jersey City, NJ

Photo credit: Libby McLinn

Widespread Panic New Year's Eve Announcement

It seems that the DenverPost has caught wind of the rumors that are floating around town. Check it out:

Hey, Spreadheads!
What are you doing New Year's Eve?
You might be at the Pepsi Center for Widespread Panic. We hear that the popular jam band will play its annual New Year's Eve shows there Dec. 30 and 31. And that the band will play a small venue Dec. 29 for its annual Tunes for Tots Concert.


Looks like it is all but Kangfirmed...stay tuned for the official announcement and the details to my house party.

New Mastersounds Videos - Mile High Music Festival

I took two videos of The New Mastersounds. The sound quality is not the best, but you can get a feel of the music if you never heard of them before.

The first video starts off with Simon the drummer explaining why they were a bit late due to a traffic jam.

And the second one is pure funk...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mike Gordon Video - Mile High

Not the best sounding video, however, Mike is on. All energy.

Dave Matthews Band Mile high Music Festival Setlist

Dave Matthews Band, July 21, 2008
Mile High Music Festival, Dicks Sporting Goods Park
Don’t Drink the Water
You Might Die Trying
Eh Hee
Two Step
Proudest Monkey>
Corn Bread
Stay (Wasting Time)
Old Dirt Hill
Jimi Thing
Tripping Billies
So Damn Lucky
So Much To Say >
Anyone Seen The Bridge >
Too Much
Ants Marching
E: Gravedigger
Louisiana Bayou
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mile High Music Festival Sunday Live Blog

1:15 its another hot day. Supposed to get to 99 and it feels pretty close to that. Looking forward to: new mastersounds, grace potter, rodrigo y gabriela. Good thing grace potter and new mastersounds are under a tent.

1:40 sitting in the shade listening to alberta cross. Singer reminds me a little of jim james, the music is chill southern rock.

1:50 we walk over to the bison tent and it is packed for ingrid michaelson. Her voice has some soul but its a rock band behind her.

2:22 we decide to stay in the tent and wait for new mastersounds and skip martin sexton. Better to stay in the shade and get ready for the funk. Ingrid was pretty good. Good girl rock, perhaps more well adjusted than fiona apple or ani defranco.

Right now they are playing a kick ass bluegrass cover of shook me all night long on the PA.

2:45 there is a deal on bud lime - $11 for 22oz vs $8 on bud light 16oz. Bud lime is kinda gross at first but after 21oz I can't taste it anymore and don't care. People watching here is nice- colorado has some beautiful people.
I grew up in texas, so I'm not afraid of hot weather, but shit man it is hot outside it feels about 84 underneath the tent and that feels about 20 degrees cooler.than in the sun. I think it is about 120 in the porta potty I just used.

4:00 new mastersounds started a few late because of traffic but played one hell of a funk show. I love em.

We found the secret bathrooms- no more porta potties for us. We are heading to rodrigo y gabriela on the main stage.

4:30 rodrigo y gabriela are great to listen to and bob your head. We are sitting towards the back watching the fashion show walk by.

4:59 grace potter about to start, a large crowd for flogging molly and leftover salmon.

5:11 grace potter looking super sexy in black and white stripe dress.

5:45 grace & the nocturnals. Grace is so sexy and the band melts faces. Great rock jams. Grace seems like she would be a lot of fun at a partyn you know, just chilin sippin beer and whiskey.

7:10 got some food, skipped john mayer. Found friends at the roots.

7:32 black crowes on stage beating a bass drum with george bush's face on it w/black eye.


8:45 huge crowd for dave. Maybe 40,000 here? We are towards the back again.

Dave Matthews Band
Don't drink the water
Might die trying
(Brett and I just worked our way part way through the crowd. Lot of fucking people here)
Two step
Proudest monkey
Cornbread (dave dances silly)
Stay (wastin time)
Jimi thing
(We go to get food - fire sale! $2 meatball subs,$1 vanilla ice cream cones)
10:30- #41
Tripping billies
So damn lucky
So much to say
Anyone seen the bridge?>
Too much
Ants marching (pauly hates this song!)
E: gravedigger (we are leaving) people selling bootleg tie dye dave matthews t shirts in the lot)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mile High Music Festival Saturday Live Pics

Dr Pauly got Rocked to the Ground by Spoon


Green & Yellow = Nice Fellow

Cougar Patrol

Hottest Outfit So Far

Mile High Music Festival Saturday Live Blog

1:48 we are walking through the parking to the fest. Its a scorcher today, easily over 90 degrees. First up is mike gordon.

2:00 we are in the grounds underneath the bison tent. Bob schneider is singing, sounds good. The grounds are large and I see some of the art installations from rothbury are here. We are chillin to bob schnider and will get a good spot for mike.

2:29 got a great spot for mike. This fest gets great points from me for having free water fountains conveniently located where you can refill water bottles.

This has kind of a austin city limits fest vibe. Lots of cute girls with their girlfriends in summer dresses ready to see dave matthews and john mayer. We are lucky we are under a tent cause it is way hot.

2:45 mike on stage rockin the mustard yellow pants. Maybe 1000 people here.

Opening song>jam>she said: sick funky dance party

Mike is having fun. Jumping up and down on stage. The guitar player is playing a languedoc and jamming well. The band is tight!

4:00 steve winwood. Its hot as blazes.

More people have arrived. Feels like 10,000? At whole site?

4:30 winwood sounds great, kinda a gentle rock vibe. Super chill. Crowd is into him.

5:00 we stood in the sun for an hour, taking a break from the gently funk of winwood for andrew bird. Sitting down with sea of people in the shade.

# of costumes seen: zero
# of phish t shirts so far: 3
Wook factor: non existant
Percent of people that took a shower this morning: 98.4%
Cute girls: thousands

6:00 at moe.
Got some food (chicken dumplings) and more beer ($8 big bid light)
Moe opened with crab eyes, don't know what they are playing now but its a nice jam.

Not coming down>
Okay alright
Tin cans and car tires

6:45 left moe early, at spoon. They are rocking. Its cooled down a bit, hot wind and 80. Could be thunderstorms coming.

I really like spoon, hoping to hear "the underdog" and "don't you evah"

Observation: indie rocker chicks without the sleeve tattoos and wear colors other than black fucking love spoon. Lots of em dancin and having fun.

7:45 maybe 30,000 here? This place has really filled out. Spoon is finishing up and we are headed to feranti.

8:07 we are at the back of feranti flashing peace signs. How you feelin count: 1.4 per song

Its cooling off a lot and the sun is going down. Beautiful night. Can't wait to check out the art after dark.

8:32 spun out impulse food buying. We are standing in line for illegal petes burritos. All the lines seem way too fucking long. Lot of people here are gonna sing free fallin soon. Sunset is very nice.

9:00 power running out on the crackberry, we got burritos before petty. We are pretty wasted, if I get lost ill meet you at the monkeys.

9:05 tom petty
Wreck me
(Petty has a huge fucking light rig. Looks like a tulip. Huge video screens)
Listen to her heart
Won't back down
Even the losers get lucky sometimes
Free fallin
(Why am I even live blogging this??? You know what the setlist is...may jane...american girl...

9:54 we went to watch the monkey art installation. I fucking love it..
When we walk back to petty steve winwood is on stage playing "gimme some lovin."

Twittering the Mile High Music Festival

Well... I'm going to be doing some Twitter updates of the Mile High Music Festival here in Denver. Depending on his level of sobriety, the Joker may or may not be live blogging the festival. Stay tuned to find out.

Ah, but you can always follow our random updates of the Mile High Music Festival...
Follow Pauly on Twitter
Follow the Joker on Twitter
F0llow Change100 on Twitter
Of course, we'll definitely be publishing photos, videos, reviews, and other heady nuggets here in the upcoming days.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Ween - 7/17/08 The Fillmore, Denver CO

Ween- 7/17/08 The Fillmore, Denver CO

Set: what deaner is talkin bout , piss up a rope, spinal miningitis got me down, bananas n blow, learnin 2 love, take me away, transdermal celebration, don't get 2 close (2 my fantasy), woman and man, marbles, bare hands, roses are free, your party, daisies, stay 4 ever, stroker ace, gabrielle, dr rock, joppa* , mucous* , you were the fool*, mutilated lips*, back 2 basom*, squelch* buenas tardes amigo*

E: going gets tuff , i'm in the mood (wacky), enabler, big jim, awesome sound, squeal on the pusher > destruction of cluade's drums

setlist courtesy of the ween forum

Last night I met a buddy at Sancho's and was able to get an extra ticket last minute to see Ween. I would say that am a Ween fan, but not a Ween FAN. I have seen Ween about 10 or 11 times now, and I always enjoy the show, but I did not make any other of the 3 night Colorado run like some people did. I'm just saying that cause I know some people fucking LOVED the show last night...

I personally enjoyed Roses are Free, Buenas Tardes Amigo and Transdermal Celebration the most in what I felt was a very hit or miss show. There were long pauses in between the songs and I honestly got bored during the acoustic set until Buenas Tardes Amigo. Ween sounded great but it could have been louder. I felt that the lack of flow between songs and the relatively quiet house sound contributed to a very chatty crowd. Normally I am the guy that is giving the evil eye to people talking at a show, but last night I found myself talking a lot.

On Tuesday Ween played a free "secret show" at Hodi's in Ft. Collins. It was a rager according to just about everyone I have talked to. I found a mp3 download of the show- check it out:
Ween, 7/15/08, Hodi's Half Note, Ft. Collins CO
Set: Nan, Take me away, Grobe, Transdermal celebration, Piss up a rope, Learnin' to love, Light me up, Voodoo lady, Albino sunburned girl, Final alarm, Spinal meningitis, Your party, Object, Gabrielle, Touch my tooter, Stallion pt 5, Tick, Springtheme, Buckingham green, My own bare hands, Booze me up & get me high, Doctor rock, Demon sweat, Pandy fickler, Ocean man, Goin gets tough from the getgo, Johnny on the spot, Sweet texas fire, Help my pony, Baby bitch, Sorry Charlie, She fucks me, Dancin' in the show tonight
E1: Bananas and blow, Shamemaker, Fiesta

E2: Put the coke on my dick, superstar
setlist courtesy of the ween forum

Ween- Ft. Collins 7/15/08 Download

Widespread Panic = Georgia Music Hall of Fame

Mark the date. September 20th. That's the day when Widespread Panic gets inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame!

Here's the press release...

Athens, Ga., July 18, 2008 - Widespread Panic will be inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame at the 30th Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards Show on Saturday, September 20th in Atlanta, GA. The show will broadcast live on Georgia Public Broadcasting and will include a special performance from the band. Past inductees include Georgia musicians including Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, R.E.M., and the Allman Brothers Band as well as industry professionals such as music attorney Joel Katz and record label owner Antonio “L.A.” Reid. "Sharing this honor... with so many of our greatest musical influences, is something I'm sure none of the Band members imagined when we first started making music together. September 20th is going to be a truly special day for the entire Widespread Panic Family," says John Bell, vocalist and founding member of Widespread Panic.

Widespread Panic was founded in Athens, GA in 1986 and has since become a national touring force that has landed in Pollstar’s top 50 tours of the year for the past decade, has sold 3 million albums and played over 2,374 shows over their career. Despite thousands of concerts, the band has managed to never perform the same set list twice. The band released their 10th studio album, Free Somehow, in February 2008 via their own Widespread Records and has a catalogue of 19 albums to date that includes 8 live albums and 1 compilation. Widespread Panic is currently on the road on their Summer 2008 tour, which kicked off with their 7th headlining performance at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. In addition to Bonnaroo, the band has headlined almost every major festival in the US including Lollapalooza, 10,000 Lakes, Rothbury, Austin City Limits, Jazz Aspen, Vegoose, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Their incomparable live show has earned Widespread Panic attendance records across the country. This June, the Mayor of Denver, CO declared June 27 "Widespread Panic Day" in the City and County of Denver marking Widespread Panic’s 32nd sold out show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre- more than any other band in history.

Widespread Panic utilizes their large success to give back to the community. Widespread Panic has played an active role in the Georgia music community, most notably playing annual concerts that benefit “Tunes for Tots,” an organization dedicated to support music education in Georgia area schools. To date, the concerts have raised over $350,000. In addition, the band recently sponsored a home in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward through the Make It Right foundation which inspired fans to spearhead a house of their own, “The House that Widespread Panic Fans Built.” Their fans have also come together to form Panic Fans for Food, a volunteer organization that holds food drives at shows to benefit the local food bank in that market. To date, PFFF have collected over $70,000, 13 tons of food in 28 cities. Widespread Panic charitable contributions also include John Bell’s annual Hannah’s Buddies Charity Golf Classic that raises money for Spinal Muscular Atrophy research.

The 30th Annual Awards Banquet, to be held Saturday, Sept. 20 in the Thomas B. Murphy Ballroom of the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, will recognize those who have made significant contributions to Georgia’s music industry. The banquet is hosted each year by the Friends of Georgia Music Festival, Inc. and the Senate Music Industry Committee.

Friends of Georgia Music Festival, Inc. has been keeping the arts alive in Georgia communities by recognizing and promoting artists and the music industry for the past 30 years. Friends of Georgia Music Festival, Inc. is a non-profit organization that honors the many achievements of Georgia musicians, songwriters, composers, conductors, publishers and agents. Each year, Friends of Georgia Music nominates, elects and inducts honorees into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, celebrating individuals who have made a significant contribution to Georgia’s musical traditions. Friends of Georgia Music also provide scholarships to assist future musicians, songwriters and composers to continue their education and pursue their dreams.
Congrats to Panic. Well deserved guys!

Radiohead's Lasers: House of Cards

The final cut:

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trey Anastasio - Time Turns Elastic

I just got this press release...
Trey will debut "Time Turns Elastic", a new piece co-written for electric guitar and orchestra with long-time collaborator Don Hart, on September 27 at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN. The piece will be performed with Orchestra Nashville (formerly Nashville Chamber Orchestra) and conducted by musical director Paul Gambill who originally worked with Trey for his June 2004 orchestral performance at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

The centerpiece of Trey's writing during his time off from the road, "Time Turns Elastic" features long, orchestral passages intertwined with epic guitar lines and vocals -- written in the same vein as Divided Sky, Guyute and You Enjoy Myself. With the electric guitar at the forefront, "Time Turns Elastic" pushes the limits of orchestral music and delivers a complete articulation of Orchestra Nashville's mission to integrate disparate musical styles that challenge and inspire audiences.

Tickets for this very special debut performance will be available through a real time presale beginning Friday, July 18th at 10:00am (Central Time) and ending Thursday, July 24th at 5:00pm (Central Time) at

Tickets go on sale to the public Friday, July 25th at 10:00am (Central Time). Tickets will be available at the Box Office, select TicketMaster outlets, online at, or charge by phone at 615.255.9600

For more information, visit
Interesting... might be worth checkin' out for any of you Nashville Phisheads.

Back from the Dead; Gettin' Ready for Mile Hile Festival

I'm back from a crazy seven week assignment covering the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. My first order of business is to head to Colorado right away and party it up with the Joker and friends for the two-day Mile High Music Festival.

In case you were wondering, here's the schedule.
Saturday, July 19: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, O.A.R., Michael Franti & Spearhead, Steve Winwood, Spoon, Jason Mraz, moe., Citizen Cope, Lupe Fiasco, Gavin Degraw, Andrew Bird, Josh Ritter, Mike Gordon, State Radio, JJ Grey & Mofro, Bob Schneider, Hill Country Revue, Newton Faulkner, Meese, Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, Born in the Flood, Eric Hutchinson, Railbenders, Meniskus

Sunday, July 20: Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, The Black Crowes, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Flogging Molly, Colbie Caillat, OneRepublic, The Roots, Leftover Salmon, Martin Sexton, Pinback, Flobots, Ingrid Michaelson, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Brett Dennen, Rose Hill Drive, Tea Leaf Green, The New Mastersounds, Ferras, The Whigs, Alberta Cross, Serena Ryder, The Photo Atlas, Samantha Farrell
Since I've been holed up inside a casino for the last seven weeks, with the only bit of live music was a Stone Temple Pilots show, I'm super excited for any sort of music.

I glanced at the schedule for Saturday and I'm pumped about seeing Newton Faulkner > Mike Gordon > Steve Winwood. Everything else is gravy that day.

Sunday's highlight should be Rodrigo y Gabriela > Grace Potter.

The biggest bummer is Tea Leaf Green vs. The New Mastersounds. Why can't they be playing at different times?!??!

And Dave Matthews Band to close? Ummm... no. I'm trying to convince the Joker to start the after party early with a blowout at his house.

We will be covering the event in multiple ways. Stay tuned for Coventry's coverage of the event.

Radiohead, Paris June 9, 2008 Download & Photos

photo credit: Samuel Dietz

Our friends over at Jamtopia are having a really cool photo contest.

One of the submissions is a series of black & white photos of Radiohead from Paris 6/9/08. To me they are striking, because they are some of the few black & whites that I have seen for the 2008 tour. Having seen Radiohead a few times in May their lights are burned in my brain- and I like the simple focus on the band members in this series.

Coincidentally I have been listening to an amazing recording of the show I found at one of my favorite blogs, The Ultimate Bootleg Experience. The show is listed as a "good audience recording." I list it as an EXCELLENT audience recording. Most of the time the crowd is quiet and Radiohead comes through powerfully. When there is muttering in French from the crowd I just imagine someone saying (french accent) :

wow, that song was so good, I need to smoke a cigarette. darling, you look wonderful in that dress. how 'bout another glass of wine?

check out this video of "Exit Music" from the show...the crowd is so respectful and quiet...amazing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

PHISH YouTube Channel

I guess this is a little bit of old news, cause I have seen this linked up on a few of the blogs I read on a daily basis...but I thought, shit man, this is the PHISH blog, so we got to talk about it.

PHISH has set up an "official" YouTube channel, where they are teasing us with a few clips from the upcoming Walnut Creek DVD.

I have been watching the clip of "Taste" over and over again...I think it is amazing to watch Page play. I admittedly seemed to focus on Trey's playing, the lights, or dancing in my own little world at PHISH shows, so seeing this footage of Page is a little different take on a band I love.

This footage, as the story goes, was shot as some heavy weather was moving in...I hear a big CRACK that startles Page and really seems to make this clip and build the energy. I love it.
Check it out:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girl Talk, Fox Theater, Boulder 7/11/08

Sorry I'm a few days late telling you about this...

Well the short story is that I got into Girl Talk on Friday and had a fuckin' blast.

There was kind of a disgusting scene outside the Fox, lots of people looking for tickets and the extras that were available were being offered for $60 ($15 face value). I eventually got in for $25 and Nicole was miracle’d at the last minute when a friend from Madison House discovered she had an extra. I berated a couple of kids trying to sell their extras for way too much money...I hope I made them feel bad but probably not.

It was a hot day in Boulder, nearing 100 degrees. It wasn't much cooler in the Fox, either. When I say I was dancing hard, that is nothing compared to the kids that got let up on stage. Or some of them- it was an interesting mix of kids that look like they were fresh from a shopping spree at American Apparel, indie rock kids who were too cool to dance, Boulder neo-hippies and high schoolers.

At some point in the show- I say at some point because it is completely impossible to describe what "song" it was with the onslaught of samples- the party really heated up. Tawny, Nicole and I looked over and caught the first awkward kiss between the two cute girls we had been dancing with. After they realized that it was ok for them to kiss, they let go and it was On Like Donkey Kong (technical term). Tawny made friends with them and by the encore the 3 were up on stage shakin' it. From that standpoint it was pretty much one of the hottest dance parties in recent memory.

The music was a seamless mix of tracks from the Girl Talk albums- It seemed like Greg is mixing in samples that are in pre-recorded packages he has prepared at home along with live beats. But it is hard to tell exactly what he is doing up there. I would say that most of the people at the Girl Talk show don't really care how he is doing it - we just want to get down. He can't be doing anything too intricate up there, mostly because he is getting grinded on by 100 of his newest friends that got on stage to dance.

Here are some low quality pictures taken from my crackberry...I know I am not living up to the Coventry standards and am sorry to say that I do not have video of the lez make out session mentioned earlier.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

2nd Quarter Results 2008 Mix by BTreotch

As my trusty Toyota Tacoma was taking me south on I-75, I noticed a thick plume of black smoke arising near my exit. There's another six miles from the highway to my house - a straight shot down Hillsborough Avenue - in between are several businesses and I figured some plastic company had gone up in flames. But as I continued down Hillsborough, passing the Hard Rock Casino (which probably deserves to be be set aflame), past the industrial areas , past the 24 hour porno store, past We Finance Everyone used car lot - I did not pass the fire, and it looked as though the smoke was shooting straight from my neighborhood. I was listening to Dr Dog's newest album Fate, an excellent album which at times can be down right chilling - this only intensified my growing anxiety of finding out what exactly was burn, burn, burning. I gave my wife a call - no answer. As I turned onto a side street, just a few blocks from my house the smoke seemed to be coming from my neck of the woods. Seminole Heights is one of those neighborhoods with an eclectic mix of people - you may see a rainbow flag on a porch next to a house with a few rottweilers turning grass into dirt. The houses are early 20th century bungalows with tons of charm surrounded by some gorgeous trees providing quality shade. I don't want to lose those trees. Taking a left onto my road, the smoke was now taking over the neighborhood, I couldn't see where the fire was coming from, but I now knew it wasn't MY HOUSE. I pulled in my driveway ran inside to grab my camera and took off around the corner to find the local hardware store - a pre World War 2 business just a long fly ball from my house - going up in flames. The business was family owned and old school - they still didn't use a computer. As sad as that was, the fire was epic - that kind of chaos reminds us that shit can get out of control very quickly.

Evil Urges, My Morning Jacket's third release, is a fire - a funk filled rock album - that will roast (see Evil Urges, Highly Suspicous, Aluminum Park) then smoke you out (see Smokin' from Shootin, Touch Me I'm Going to Scream). Girl Talk, whether or not you think he is a DJ (he's not) and whether you think was he does is music (it is), makes some of the funnest and funny dance tracks I've heard in ages. Ratatat is producing highly original takes on electronic dance music. What makes them stick out is their approach to melody, guitarist Mike Stroud has such a cool tone and unique style, it sounds like a completely new instrument. Upon first listen, I thought the Fleet Foxes were a bastard son of Band of Horses and My Morning Jacket, but after more listens I think that sells them short. Their excellent harmonies, often haunting, and stripped down songwriting sounds like a avant garde facelift to mountain music.

download here

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free Mike

Mike Gordon will be playing a free show at the waterfront in Burlington, VT. Here's the blurb via
Mike Gordon and his band will perform a free concert on Friday, August 15th in Burlington, VT in Waterfront Park overlooking Lake Champlain to kick off the 2008 Maritime Festival. In addition to Mike's performance, Senator Bernie Sanders will address the crowd. Mike and Senator Sanders last teamed up in 2006 to put on "Honky Tonk the Vote", a sold-out concert for voter registration at the Higher Ground nightclub in Burlington. Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck will open the show.
For more Mike Gordon tour info visit...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Photos from Rothbury by DJ James/jlewkow

ROTHCD alerted me to sets of photos by jlewkow . There are some really cool nighttime shots as well as lots of cute hippie chicks, you know, the kind that roll up in the Cherokees and the kind that roll up in the VeeDub's. Check them out. DJ James has three albums here, here and here.

WTF is going on? Girl Talk sold out in Boulder.

I feel like I am mostly on top of things music wise here in the Denver/Boulder area. I was excited to find out on Monday that Girl Talk is going to bring his mash-ups to the Fox Theater.

I text message and call my crew. Plans are made. We get excited.

Then I find out on Tuesday that it is SOLD OUT. WTF? Are all the kids from Boulder High going? Are they even old enough to remember half the songs he is sampling? There are even ads on Craigslist offering, wait begging to pay OVER FACE for a ticket. WTF?

The dude is mashing up other people's music on a laptop, and he is selling out the Fox Theater in the middle of the summer when none of the CU Boulder students are around. There are a lot of talented bands that play instruments and write their own songs that have not sold out the Fox Theater.

Ok, yeah. I'm obviously bitter about this.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rothbury YouTube Dump

The YouTubes are streaming in. Trey's set is up on the web and Im waiting for the download to listen...In the meantime...

Trey - Farmhouse @ Rothbury

Trey - Mountains in the Mist @ Rothbury

Mike & Trey - Meat @ Rothbury

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver - Primus @ Rothbury

My Name Is Mud - Primus @ Rothbury

Thank You - Dave Matthews Band @ Rothbury 2008

Gin & Juice - Snoop Dogg @ Rothbury

4th of July Fireworks

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Trey Anastasio Rothbury Setlist

The Boy is Back!!!
This setlist is unofficial and unconfirmed.

Trey Anastasio, Acoustic
Rothbury Music Festival July 6th 2008

Get Back On The Train >Brian + Robert, Water in the Sky, Driver, Inlaw Josie Wales, Farmhouse, Let Me Lie (GRAB), Sample in a Jar, Banter- Joke about being arrested, Mountains in the Mist, Sleep Again, Velvet Sea, Waste, Backwards Down the Number Line*$, Alaska * $, Chalkdust Torture $

$w/Mike Gordon
* new song, first time played

STS9 Rothbury Setlist

unofficial setlist from last night/this morning...

STS9, July 5, 2008
Rothbury Festival

Set 1: Peaceblaster, Lo Swaga, Economic Hit Man, Tooth, Aimlessly, Oh Little Brain, ?New?, Arigato, Abcees>, Evasive/Kamuy, Open E, Shock Doctrine, Beyond Right Now

Set 2: Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Move My Peeps, The Rabble, Breathe In, Rent, Monkey Music, Hidden Hand/Hidden Fist, One a Day, Inspire Strikes Back, The New Cinema

iClips Sunday Schedule - Dammit! No TREY!

Sunday 7/6/08 - Rothbury
12:15pm ET - Railroad Earth

1:45pm ET - Dresden Dolls

2:45pm ET - Rodrigo Y Gabriela

4:00pm ET - Brett Dennen

4:30pm ET - Slightly Stoopid

5:30pm ET - JJ Grey & Mofro

6:15pm ET - Gov't Mule

7:45pm ET - Primus

8:30pm ET - Phil Lesh & Friends

11:00pm ET - STS9

Dave Matthews Band Rothbury Setlist

Dave Matthews Band, Saturday July 5 2008

Set: Seek Up, Eh Hee, Grey Street, Rhyme And Reason, Proudest Monkey, Satellite, Corn Bread, So Damn Lucky, #41, You Might Die Trying, Sledgehammer, Tripping Billies, #27 , Jimi Thing, So Much To Say >Anyone Seen The Bridge >Too Much, Ants Marching

Encore: Gravedigger , Louisiana Bayou , Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Show Notes:
entire show with Jeff Coffin, filling in for LeRoi Moore

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rothbury So Far

The Disco Biscuits, 7/3/08 Rothbury Festival

World Is Spinning, I-Man > Digital Buddha > Run Like Hell (beg. and middle)1 > Digital Buddha1, Home Again2, Shelby Rose > The City > Orch Theme, Wizards In Winter

E: Story of the World, Rockafella>Run Like Hell

1. With Murph from STS9 on keys
2. With Tweezer Reprise Tease (Phish)

Widespread Panic
Rothbury Festival, July 4, 2008

Set 1: Pigeons, North>Walk on the Flood, Surprise Valley*>Arleen*>Surprise Valley*>You Should Be Glad, The Take Out*^>Porch Song*

Set 2: Fishwater, Pleas>Bust it Big> Second Skin**> Disco>Drumz#>Jam> Love Tractor, Protein Drink*> Sewing Machine*, Life During Wartime*

E: FIREWORKS. Happy 4th of July.

*with Ann Marie Calhoun
**with Tipitina Teases
#with Jeff Sipe

Panic Set II Video Capture Download

I have been enjoying the iClips broadcasts and its been pretty funny reading the twitters and a few live blogs. I have been very impressed with the coverage over at Hidden Track - Jennifer Kirk posted some awesome pics and summary of day 1.

The kids over at Bizzyblog posted some pictures. Some great pics of Sherwood Forest at night- check out below. Wish I was there.

Radio X has been working hard, putting up photos and interviews. Some of the photos are really bad, though. Yep I'm a hater. Unless they are bad because the person that took them was spun out. I get that.

According to the updates on twitter, there were a lot of boob shots on the jumbotron of ladies in the crowd before & during Snoop Dogg. I will be very disappointed if some video does not surface soon.

photo credit: bizzyblog has had some frequent updates via web and twitter, but I have almost had to stop watching/reading them because Troy and John are not heady at all. Apparently no one told them they were attending a Jam Band festival. Still, I don't want to be too much of a hater- at least they are updating and I can get a sense of what is going on at the festival...I just wish they would lighten up.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Today in Phishtory: 7/4/99 Atlanta, GA

Nine years ago today. I was there. First Meatstick ever.
7/04/99 Lakewood Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GA

Set I: My Soul, Ya Mar, Farmhouse, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > AC/DC Bag, The Wedge, Vultures, I Didn't Know, Fast Enough For You, David Bowie

Set II: Ghost > Slave to the Traffic Light, Horse > Silent in the Morning, What's the Use, Wilson, Mike's Song > Sleeping Monkey > Weekapaug Groove

Encore: Carini, Meatstick, The Star Spangled Banner
Download/listen link for 7/4/99

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rothbury Twitters and iClips Schedule

photo credit: rothbury countdown

I just found a pretty good live blog/twitter updates over at Looks like Rothbury is going to be a muddy one today.

I have been refreshing this all morning: The Twitter feed from Rothbury. Its pretty cool because its not just 1 person...there are tons of updates and I already feel like I am in my car waiting in line to get in. I am following jhiskes, grbrit, snicholson26, ROTHCD, discobret, and jennilynn6 who all seem to be twittering from the festival or are in route.

WHITperson over at Live Music Blog has dug up some photos of the site...looks great to me.

I will be tuning in this weekend on iClips. Here is the schedule:
Friday, July 4
12:45pm ET - TBA
1:45pm ET - Greensky Bluegrass
2:30pm ET - TBA
3:30pm ET - The Beautiful Girls
4:15pm ET - Snoop Dogg
5:30pm ET - Tea Leaf Green
6:15pm ET - 311
7:45pm ET - TBA
8:45pm ET - Mickey Hart Band
10:15pm ET - The Disco Biscuits
12:30am ET - Railroad Earth

Saturday and Sunday at this point say TBD.

this looks SiiiiiiiiCK!! Thank for the Photos Derek!!!