Sunday, January 21, 2007

Big Day Out Pics

Greetings from Australia. I had to work for two weeks in Melbourne but then I flew up to the Gold Coast to check out Big Day Out, which is the Aussie version of Cochella, Bonnaroo, and Vegoose all rolled into one.

We had an amazing time at Big Day Out. Shecky hooked us up with free tickets and a backstage pass. We got to watch several of the bands... on stage. Unreal. Big Day Out was huge, like almost 100K people partying their ass off. We caught Chemical Romance, John Butler Trio, Muse, Jet, and the headliner... Tool. The VIolent Femmes, the Streets, and Crystal Method were also on the bill.

Here are some pics:

The first thing we saw when we walked in...

Backstage during John Butler Trio

Brandon eats corn

Shecky eats corn

Hanging with the crowd during the Killers set

"Dude? You can't find me? I'm waving the kangaroo?"

Too bad they didn't flash us...

Brandon during Jet's set


More Muse