Monday, June 25, 2007

Sonic Bloom + Widespread Panic

This weekend was jam-packed with music. Thursday night I headed out to Red Feather Lakes, CO with a good friend to attend the Sonic Bloom festival. Sonic Bloom was organized by Zilla, a side project of the Drummer for the String Cheese Incident.

The setting was beautiful- a big meadow up in the mountains- and the weather was cool during the day. Friday night we saw a PA set by 3 of the members of Sound Tribe Sector 9- I liked it better than many of the other PA sets I had seen in the past because Hunter was playing guitar. I recognized parts of Somesing, Blu Mood, Lo Swaga, Water Song, and a couple of others.

Friday night was very cold up there, so it was perfect for our costumes. We dressed up as Bert & Ernie and made a lot of people laugh. Pictures to come.

Satruday morning I got up, rallied the troops to break camp and headed back to Denver to catch Widespread Panic at Red Rocks. I got in early and secured a large place via taping down a tarp for my group on row 23 in the Schools Zone.

Here is the setlist:

06/23/07 Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
1: Pigeons > Better Off, All Time Low, Down, Party At Your Mama's House > Blackout Blues, Pickin' Up The Pieces, Airplane > Rock

2: Pleas > Chilly Water, Thought Sausage, Aunt Avis > Second Skin > Greta > Barstools and Dreamers > Machine > Barstools and Dreamers*, Dyin' Man* > Jam* > Drums* > Red Hot Mama*

E: The Take Out > Smoking Factory > Porch Song, End Of The Show

* with DJ Logic on turntables[DJ Logic performed during setbreak; Entire show with Edie Jackson, sign language interpreter]

I loved the whole show. Airplane>Rock was the highlight of the first set for me. The second set was fantastic. I will definitely want to listen to this show a few times- I thought that Jimmy Herring’s guitar work was simply amazing. Huge energy from the crowd in Chilly Water, Greta was a great sing-along, The Barstools>Machine>Barstools sandwich was rockin. JB ended the evening perfectly with End of the Show.

After the show we had some good hangout time/post parties at a friend’s apartment and then some late night pizza and TV at my place. At 4am we watched the documentary Okie Noodling on PBS-wow, what a trip.

Sunday I definitely was moving a little slow, but still made it to the show.

06/24/07 Red Rocks, Morrison, CO

1: From the Cradle, One x One, Who Do You Belong To?, Gradl, Clinic Cynic, Sleepin Man > Stop Breaking Down Blues, Sleepy Monkey > Good People > Wondering
2: Little Kin, Bust it Big > Jack, Diner > Fixing to Die, Space Wrangler, Can't Find My Way Home, Ain't Life Grand

E: Surprise Valley > Morning Dew! > Mr. Soul [DJ Logic performed during set break]

I enjoyed this show but they played a few songs that I don’t listen to very much. More of the southern rock vibe out of this show. Again, weather and crowd was great. I thought the Surprise Valley>Morning Dew encore was my highlight.

In both of these shows I loved Jimmy’s guitar. His tone is powerful and he nails the Mikey written lead lines that are familiar from the records. At times he plays a lot of notes, but overall I love his ripping and the band really moves with him.

Pictures and video to come...

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The show on Sunday night was amazing! The energy was great and Red Rocks is gorgeous! I've got a couple of pictures up at