Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Music From Ostraka

John Keston is by far one of my favorite producers. One of the projects he's known for is Ostraka (I featured their track "Fire Diamond" on Background Beats Volume 3). Keston's sound is best described as "organic electronic music, a culmination of smooth live instrumentation backed by melodic themes and groove-heavy samples."

Check out the track Travel Glide from Ostraka to get an idea of to expect.

Over the weekend John released one of his Ostraka performances from earlier in the month and sent out the following email:

"Here’s a set I recorded live to Ableton during a performance at Nick and Eddie Thursday Funhouse hosted by Jon Davis, December 16, 2010. This is all new material that I’ve been working on, except for the last track, which is a remix of Illuminator Console from Precambrian Resonance (Unearthed Music 2009). Here’s the download link for the 37:28 minute set hosted on Unearthed Music. Expect to hear lots of Grain Machine, as well as synth sounds from the Casio CZ-1000, the Korg MS2000, the Roland D-50, my Sequential Circuits Pro-One, some old Hammond rhythm programs, and even a little bit of Rhodes electric piano."


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