Friday, June 03, 2011

You Enjoy My-Mix: "Postcard from WOODSTOCK"

You Enjoy My-Mix: "Postcard from WOODSTOCK" (Japanese file sharing link)

5/27 Kill Devil Falls->
5/28 Gin Jam->
5/27 Waves Jam->
5/28 Halley's Comet Jam->
5/28 Makisupa-> Harry Hood->
5/29 Mikes-> Simple-> Weekapaug

Masa will be back when Leg 1 is over with more mixes!

And congrats to Hal Masa who is the proud father of twin baby girls! They will be jibboo-ing in no time!

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Parker said...

Congrats on the twins Hal.

Thanks, as always, for the awesome mixes. Great job.