Friday, September 28, 2012

Background Beats - Fall 2012

Sorry for the hiatus - Spring and Summer 2012 are complete but I never got around to uploading them. I'll try to get those out soon.

Fall 2012 is the latest group of tracks I have enjoyed for the past few months and focuses on the spacey side of things. These are some very chilled out songs that take you on a journey though time and space. By far one of my favorites - Enjoy!

TRACK LISTtrack. song - artist 
01. I Know That I Know - Capsula
02. Axé Babá (feat. Mestre Acordeon) - Derek VanScoten
03. Flower Power - Kick Bong
04. Contact - Saru
05. Cycle Eyes (Psychemagik Lagoon Nebula Mix)- The Cosmonauts
06. Conscious Droplets - Kaminanda
07. Book of the Month - Lovage
08. Fuoco Infernale - Monta At Odds
09. Playa Del Mar (Chillout Mix) - Starlive Cafe
10. Cosmic Dream - Esbe



change100 said...

Yessss...Background Beats is BACK! Thanks Jonas!

misu akter said...

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