Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Phamily Poker Classic 3 - July 31st at Harvey's

I'll be there. And I'll be a bounty. My friend Jesse Martin won his first WSOP bracelet this year, and he should be in attendance and a bounty as well. This is going to be tons of fun. I played the first two events and had a blast. See you at the poker room!

This is from Kevin...

Here we go again! We are extremely happy to announce the Phamily Poker Classic 3 to you first!

The Phamily Poker Classic 3 is once again a Texas Hold Em Event and will take place on July 31st at Harvey's casino in Lake Tahoe. This is the same casino that is hosting Phish's July 30th & 31st shows. Seats at this Phamily Poker Classic tournament are very limited as it will be played only during the afternoon of the 31st. As at the prior Classic tournaments, blinds and chip stacks will be structured so that nobody will miss a note of Phish.

This tournament will once again benefit our favorite charity The Mockingbird Foundation. The entry fee will be $140 and at least half of that amount will go directly into the prize pool along with a slew of great non-cash prizes that will be raffled off throughout the tournament. Every player in the Phamily Poker Classic 3 will receive a limited edition custom poster by AJ Masthay and the final table will get a special signed/numbered edition different from the rest in the number that they're eliminated! We anticipate a large number of exciting non-cash prizes to give away! I'm sure you all remember the great prizes we've had in the past. The remainder of the buy in will go to the expenses for the tournament and for the donation to The Mockingbird Foundation.

In appreciation of you having participated in our past events we will be opening up the opportunity to purchase a seat in the Phamily Poker Classic 3 for you in a special pre-sale that will last until Wednesday April 10th, prior to the general on-sale at 10am pt (1:00pm et) on April 10th. The special pre-sale is open now. You can purchase you seat here. We hope that you'll help us sell this event out, whether you can attend or not, by telling other fans out there how much you enjoyed the past tournaments.

We hope that you will join us again and make this event as special as the previous Phamily Poker Classic tournaments, which raised over $10,000 for The Mockingbird Foundation. With your continued support, we can keep these events happening and support a great cause.

As always, we will keep you posted on any information that you need to know at www.phamilypokerclassic.com. If you have any questions we can be reached at phamilypokerclassic@gmail.com.

Thanks again for your support,


Hope to see you there in one week!


JRapp said...

Is there any info on starting stack size and blind schedule??

liye zhu said...

I want know the schedule too

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