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Phish Jazzfest 2014: Setlist and Recap 4/26/14, New Orleans, LA

Phish returned to New Orleans for the first time since 1999 and performed at Jazz Fest for the first time since 1996. That gig happened 18 years ago to the day. You're probably familiar with that blazing, historic set, which was released by Live Phish as a part of New Orleans Relief after Hurricane Katrina ravished the city.

On Saturday afternoon, Phish treated the Jazz Fest congregation 22 songs and melange of greatest hits over two sets.

Here's the setlist...
Phish, 4/26/14, Jazz Fest, New Orleans, LA

Set 1: KDF, MoMA, Rift, Wolfman's, Lawn Boy, Party Time, Ocelot, Funky Biatch, 46 Days, The Line, ZERO

Set 2: DWD > Birds, Twist, Sparkle, Free > Light, SAND, Harry the Hood, Cavern
Encore: Grind, Julius
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Phishy NOLA - Couch Tour Recap
By Pauly (@taopauly)

First show in 116 days... Found stream mid-way through KDF vanilla-opener... Quick shift to the funk with Moma Dance... Short, chunky-funky, sweet Wolfman's but mostly short... Leo crooned to "all the ladies in the house" during Lawn Boy... Fish-throw-down with Party Time... Ocelot longest "jam" of the set... Funky Bitch gave Trey first chance to shred the blues... 46 Days jam never had chance to breathe... The Line was first Wingsuit song (Expected... Fuego, Wombat, or 555)... Assumed NOLA would be a single long "festy set" sprinkled with greatest hits; surprised they took a break after ZERO (11th song of set).... Best crowd chatter via stream was the brah who remarked "Now we're talking!" when Zero began... Somewhat predictable DWD second set opener... DWD first song in excess of 10 mins and jam highlight included Page/Trey smooth interlocking duo-jam, before jam drenched in psychedelia, then it settled into a gentle Gordo-heavy groove... Trey got bored and launched into Birds... Easy-breezy Twist intro, particularly Page (tickling the Pumpkin?)... Stream went down during Twist jam... Good effort with Sparkle, but the boys don't do blow anymore so it lacked speedy-ferociousness of yesteryear... Free hit the spot... Light sprang up late in set (versus a potential partner with a DWD > Light combo)... Page took command of the ship during Light jam... Relaxed SAND intro that eventually got chunky-funky and layered with funk chunks... Rushed HOOD, yet still felt good to hear it... Cavern exclamation point on nine-song set 2... Page gave thanks before the encore... Double-dip encore with acapella GRIND plus a crowd-lifting, uppity Julius to close out the show.... First Phish of 2014 is in the books and now that we got a small taste, I'm eagerly awaiting July 1 for summer tour to kick off at Great Woods.

via PhishFromTheRoad


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