Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Phish Setlist: 7/8/14 Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA - Night 1

Philly Phish. The circus migrates to Philly for the first of two nights at Mann Center. The show was delayed due to a storm, but when Phish finally took the stage, the let it rip. Oh, and if you're keeping score at home (or betting on setlists like I do), then you'll probably want to know that Phish busted out the first "cover" of the summer with 2001. In the summer of 1993, Mann was the location where Phish first performed Also Sprach Zarathustra aka 2001, which was a funky version of Deodato's arrangement of the Strauss composition.
Phish Philly Setlist, 7/8/14 Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: Axilla I, Gumbo, Taste, 555, Tube, Halfway to the Moon, Camel Walk, Sparkle, Halley's Comet, ICE, Ocelot, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: 46 Days > Fuego > The Line, Backwards Down the Number Line, Tweezer > Ghost > 2001 > Hood > Tweezer Reprise

E: Possum

Highlights for 7/8/14: So, about that 26-minute Fuego is what everyone is talking about? Yeah, it lived up to the hype. But, they really extended Tube! This 6-minute rendition was juicy compared to the 4-minute speedy versions from last summer.

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Phaser said...

I'm Sooo tired. I had great time at the show tonight...but there's something I have to do before bed....DROIDS!


Pauly said...

@Phaser... Glad you raged proper. Excellent work a per usual w/ those droids, THANKS!

Phaser said...

@Pauly your welcome, off to go do it again tonight. I hope the storms don't get the way again.

The Kids Under the Carpet and the Purple Humpedback Whale said...

Thanks for those Droids, Phaser.

donaldosborn said...

Thanks as always!

Al Maven said...

Thanks Phaser!
It sure did seem as though that show was on the verge of being cancelled. Glad it wasn't.

Pauly said...

@Phaser.... Stay dry!!! See you at Randalls?

Phaser said...

Sorry @Pauly I'm not going to Randall's.

miahw2828 said...

Thanks Phaser...hooking it up strong this summer