Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Phish in Mexico

Yes, the rumors are true. And yes, the timing is weird (announcing before NYE).

Phish is headed to Mexico's Rivera Maya for a three-night run in January 2016 (on the weekend of Jan. 15-16-17). More details here.

Cue Mexican Cousin...


Anonymous said...

Hey fellas, first let me say thanks for the most interesting show recaps online, and the droids of course. I live in Mexico and don't see shows like I used to, but I'll be in Playa del Carmen in January for sure!

I wrote a guide to the area, and it's free for the next few days, so download it on amazon for travel tips. And anytime up to the show, write me on my blog for more Mexico travel advice.

- a phishhead in Mexico

MeToo said...

Thanks Mexico Wook !