Friday, June 10, 2016

Bonnaroo 2016: Vulfpeck

Vulfpeck, the minimalist funk outfit from Michigan based out of L.A., played Bonnaroo on Thursday night. Here's Vulf's set that included a couple of covers (Cripple Creek and I Wish)...

Bonnaroo, Machester, TN
9 June 2016

Video Playlist
00:01 INTERVIEW with Jack Stratton
05:30 Christmas in LA
10:32 Fugue State
13:01 Back Pocket Crowd Vocal Prep >
14:55 Back Pocket
18:46 Birdwatcher
21:45 My First Car
25:31 Cripple Creek (cover by The Band)
30:53 Funky Duck
33:57 1612
37:20 Wait for the Moment
42:55 Beastly
49:13 Love and Happiness (cover by Al Green)
54:06 It Gets Funkier >
58:19 I Wish (cover by Stevie Wonder) >
1:00:08 It Gets Funkier


TheRealBenR said...

Phish Tour starts today. Any insights?

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