Sunday, September 03, 2017

Phish Dicks Setlist: 9/3/17 Commerce City, CO

Never miss a Sunday show. The finale at Dicks...

Tonight's show will be webcast for free on LivePhish.

Here's what you missed...

Phish, 9.3.17 DICKS, Commerce City, CO

SET 1: Buffalo Bill, Moma, Birds of a Feather, Sugar Shack, Most Events Aren't Planned, Back on the Train, Leaves, Wedge, 46 Days, GIN

SET 2: DWD > Light > Rise/Come Together > Piper > Meatstick, 2001 > Possum > Suzy

ENCORE: Waste > First Tube


Argonaut said...

Droid dicks:

beinianalignedwithfuture said...

What an incredible tour for the band.
Super props to Argo for the droids.
Props to Pauly for the hosting and field reports.
Super-appreciative of it ALL.
For everyone involved, whatever you contributed,
I thank you.
People you don't even know,
and will never meet,
have been positively affected by what you've contributed to the scene.
This Lurker comes out of his shadows, briefly, to give thanks.

Errand Wolfe said...

Word is born.

Charles Adler said...

Argo - there are no words adequate to appropriate thank you for all you do in support of these threads. Thank you for everything!

fourfootflood said...

MVP of Summer Tour 2017 is Argo as far as I can see. Thanks phriend !

Zoroaster said...

Thanks for all the droids this summer. While we will never meet, know that there was someone out there jammin' to the droids because of your work. Thanks!

It's been a good summer of jams!

smallaxe said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Another lurker comes forth!

Thank you for all the droids. The whole summer!

Your work has made my life better, as has the work of Phish. I would never have been able to afford to purchase these.

Ben said...

Argo, I've really appreciated your doing this this year. I'm someone who vastly prefers having the files, so I can throw them on Google Music.

Not sure if you caught that Sugar Shack and Most Events are tracked wrong, and that LivePhish fixed them on Monday (so they told me).

I actually recut the tracks using your version. I can share, if needed. Just let me know. Not sure if you have reposted or can/want to repost LivePhish's fixed tracks.

Regardless, big thank you!

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