Friday, December 29, 2017

Phish MSG Setlist: 12/29/17 New York, NY

Phish returned to MSG for the 15th time thus year for their second night of a four nighter.

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Here's what you missed on Friday night in NYC....
Yo Phish, 12.29.17 MSG, NYC

Set 1: Cavern > Blaze On, 555, Page EDM > Martian Monster, Heavy Things, Destiny Unbound, Ocelot, Walls of the Cave  

Set 2: Sand > Chalkdust > Ghost > Backwards > Simple > Melt  

E: Julius

Quickie Recap: Grand Skyscrapers, Short Trips, and Cactus Daffodils
by @taopauly

Went to show with Senor and his two brothers. First time all 3 of us at the same show since the late 90s. Senor gifted @change100 and I amazing seats (second row behind stage) and we hovered over Leo all night... Show kicked off with a rare Cavern opener... I fired up a fatty doob of Diesel during Blaze On... Gordo showed off his guns (and Pharells redonk pricey jeans) during 555... Saw Trey turn to Page and ask him, "Want to play Page EDM?" To which Page said, "Fuckyeahbigred! Beep beep, toot toot!"... First sighting of extreme weirdness arrived during Martian Monster... Destiny Unbound bustout. Only played twice in 2017, but both at MSG. Sick brag: I caught 11 out of the last 13 Destinys... I was not wearing the Ocelot shirt... Leo crushed Walls of the Cave en route to his MVP-performance... Six-song second set anchored by Sand... Chalkdust went cosmically deep clocking in at 21 mins... Short and sweet Ghost... Backwards was the red-headed stepchild of the second set... I doubted Phish could top the Simple from the Bakers Dozen, but they didn't try. Kept Simple rather... simple... Melt had been getting the first set treatment for much of 3.0, but the last two Melts at MSG were second set heaters... Understated Julius closed out the second night at MSG... Two down, two to go.




MC said...

BB8, can you do anything back there?

emmur0 said...


smallaxe said...

thanks for all you do - summer `17 - and now the new years' run! mutes Garcias!

smallaxe said...

make that mutes Garcias!!!

smallaxe said...

fucking spell check
muchas muchas muchas

Ty Winn said...

thanks, as always i love my droids !!!!


I echo smallaxe: mutes mutes Garcias.

Pauly McG said...

Thanks emmur!

Nave said...

Night 1 was awesome, cant wait to check out last night

Nave said...

Thanks for the review and the droids!!!

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plants said...

my birthday show! seems like the droids have begun to malfunction..anyone willing to help a desparate phish devotee out?

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