Sunday, August 12, 2018

Phish MPP Setlist: 8/12/18 Merriweather Night 2

Phish completed its final show of this tour before Curveball. Will they bounce back after a weird show on Saturday night.

This show will be $webcast on PhishTV.

Check out CoventryMusic on IG for setlist art.

Here's what went down on Sunday Funday...

Phish, 8.12.18 MPP N2, Merriweather Post Pav, Columbia, MD

Set 1: Llama, BBFCM, Meat, Alaska, Tweezer > GIN > Curtain With > Chalk

Set 2: Tweeprise > NMINML > Twist > Caspian > Piper > Tweeprise > Backwards > 2001 > Hood

E: Heavy Things, Bug > Tweeprise


Sanders said...

Reprise Droids! (V0)

See you all at Curve!

RunawayBurn said...

Thanks Sanders and all others that helped out with the non droids this run!!

Pauly said...

Thanks Sanders and everyone else you helped out.

See y'all CURVEBALL.

Michael said...

Any chance someone can re-post this show? Link has expired. I really appreciate it.