Saturday, October 27, 2018

Phish Chicago Setlist: 10/27/18 Rosemont, IL - Night 2

Phish played Chicago for the second of a three-night stint out near the airport. Phish has been heating up the last week with a strong opening night.

The rest of the tour will be webcast over at If you're scrapped for cash or have bad credit, you can find a wook stream floating around there. And at the least, there's someone over at Mixlr who has audio for ya.
So... ya, it's another Saturday night in Chicago. What kind of Phish show will it be? Saturday Night Greatest Hits (SNGH)? Saturday Night Dance Party (SNDP)? Saturday Night Arena-Rock-n-Roll (SNARNR)? Saturday Night Rager (SNR)? Saturday Night Weird and Wild (SNWW)? Saturday Night Dad Rock Cock Block (SNDRCB)? Or how about Saturday Night Bustout City (SNBC)?

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Here's what transpired on Saturday night....

Da Phish, 10.27.18 Chicago - Rosemont, IL

Set 1: Stash, The Dogs, Blaze On, Water in the Sky, Ya Mar, Vultures, Roses Are Free, 46 Days, Bowie

Set 2: Moma > No Man's Land > Steam > Chalkdust, Fuego > Joy, Suzy

Encore: Rock n Roll


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The Gain Card said...

D R O I D Z:

Pauly said...

@Thanks GC!

Zoroaster said...

Thanks! Thanks very much!

Did anyone else notice that Rock n Roll is incomplete? I'm hoping to be able to find a replacement track, please, if possible.

The track provided is only 4.08mb, 02:06 length

Patricia Carter said...

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