Friday, December 28, 2018

Phish MSG Setlist: 12/28/18 - Friday Night 1

Ho ho ho! Merry Phishmas.

Phish returned to New York City for another classic four-night run at the most-famous arena in the world a.k.a. MSG. These shows will be webcast over at LivePhish, but I'm sure you can find a wook stream somewhere.

We are back on the train for the entire run. Follow @CoventryMusic on Twitter for weather-permitting updates and @CoventryMusic on Instagram for setlist art.

 Here's what you missed on night one of four...
 Yo Phish, 12.28.18 Madison Square Garden, NY, NY

Set 1: We Are Come to Outlive Our Brains, Martian Monster, Axilla, Free, Wedge, Meat, Ghost, Sparkle, If I Could, Maze, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: Set Your Soul Free > Swept Away > Steep, Final Hurrah, Fuego > Shade > GIN > Possum

E: Bouncin**, Slave

** Pauly takes a piss song


BDH said...

Awesome show last night!

Beatriz Welsh said...

9 cubes

Dr John said...


Anybody like FLAC droidz?

Dr John said...

FLAC droidz!fh5DTALZ!1hyB_8pyXyv8umZfS127_DA5RU2bfTamjVl4Md_2Yh4

S M (Slovakian Style) said...

Dr. John is what space smells like. Many thanks Doc!

Chris Rairdon said...

hats off to ya, hippies

Pauly said...

@Dr John.... THANKS!

Patricia Carter said...

The que list on posters definitely sounds incredible.
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