Saturday, December 07, 2019

Phish Charleston Setlist: 12/7/19 Charleston, SC - N2 Saturday

Phish continued their run in Chucktown with a second night of the Church of Phish.

We're back on tour, which means lot prices and other half-baked woomfoolery. Follow along with @CoventryMusic for reports from the front lines in Charleston. Of course, this is all "weather permitting" of course. It's Saturday night, so you know how things can get weird at those Saturday Night Ragers, eh?

Here's what you missed if you didn't custy up for the LivePhish webcast...

Phish, 12.7.19 N. Charleston Coliseum, Chucktown, SC

Set 1: Fluffhead, Ocelot, Nellie Kane, The Dogs, Reba, Halfway to the Moon, Train Song, Guyute, Strange Design, Moonage Daydream

Set 2:  The Connection, Mr. Completely > Crosseyed and Painless > Dirt, Cool Amber and Mercury > Split Open and Melt > Crosseyed >Melt, A Life Beyond the Dream, Wilson, Squirming Coil

E: Grind, Frankenstein

If you dig setlist art, visit @CoventryMusic on IG for summer tour and previous tours.


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