Thursday, September 01, 2011

Get Ready for Phish Dicks!

I'm pumped to see Phish throw down for three nights in Colorado because I get to see my first show this summer with the Joker, Jonas and the rest of the Denver crew.

Follow @CoventryMusic for updates throughout the weekend. Hopefully, I won't be too spun out and I'll be in reasonable head space to write a recap of each night at Dick's.

In case you missed it, I wrote up recaps of 2/3 of the second leg of summer tour. Enjoy...
Quickies Gorge Night 1
Quickies Gorge Night 2: Phish Magic
Hollyweird Bowl
UIC 1 - Monday Night En Fuego
UIC 2 - Chicago Disease, Gimps, and Golden Heat
UIC 3 - Tweaker City

And here's the official video of the greatest Roggae ever performed(?)...

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Anonymous said...

Dr Pauly

There are NUMEROUS Roggae's that smoke the one you call the best ever. I would agree it's the best ever 3.0 version, but of all time definitely not

Check out some 97-98-99 versions

Your Pal,

Mickey Howser