Thursday, September 22, 2011

Type II Cast - Phish Dick's

I was a guest panelist on the latest episode of type II cast with @fractalgal and @UNOlker. If you don't know Type II is a podcast about Phish and we discussed the three-night Dick's run in Colorado a couple of weeks ago.
Listen here: Episode 33: Dick's
Thanks to Steve and Tanya for having me on!


BB said...

I've been listening to TypeIICast for a bit now as well as reading the Coventry blog for about just as long. I'm looking forward to listening to the worlds collide.

BB said...

...not collide, maybe mesh...
One thing I always liked about your reviews is how you spend some time describing the scene and the folks around you during the show. Both of which can have an effect on how much you enjoyed the show and its always really fucking funny too. I wish TypeIICast did more of that.