Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Phish Setlist: 7/4/12 Jones Beach #2

Phish is playing Jones Beach on Fourth of July. It's the second show in a row at JB.

The above image is a special Phish-inspired unicorn poster made by artist Ben Whitesell. For more information visit:

Here's the setlist:

Le Phish. 7/4/12 Jones Beach, NY

Set 1: Alumni Blues >Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, Head Held High*, The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday^ > Avinu Malkeinu^ > The Man Who Stepped into Yesterday^, Kill Devil Falls, Bittersweet Motel**, MOMA > Gumbo, David Bowie, Alaska, Suskind Hotel, HYHU > Purple Rain*** > HYHU, The Star-Spangled Banner

Set 2: Boogie On Reggae Woman, Tweezer, Twist, Taste, Quinn the Eskimo, Julius, Rock & Roll > The Horse > Silent in the Morning, HOOD, Shine a Light, Show of Life, Slave to the Traffic Light

E: Sleeping Monkey, Tweezer Reprise

*= last played 10/31/1998, Las Vegas, NV
**= last played 8/2/2009 Red Rocks
^= last played 6/21/2009 Alpine Valley
***= last played 7/25/1999 Deer Creek


Patrick Fitzgibbons said...

I believe that's a Narwhal...

Dominc Cilli said...

I have to agree..Narwhal

DoctorRon said...

See Doc, THIS is the show I wanted and hoped to see the second night at AV!!

I am beyond jealous.


clifford maze said...


clifford maze said...


Leapingwaters said...

Indeed they are Narwals...had hoped for a Purple Rain at Deer Creek...but the 3 other well jammed covers I will ever so humbly accept...seems as though they have been on their A game this warm summer opening stretch, I only wish I could make it out West for a show or two ...Godspeed! Xoxo~MelSue

thefamilyguy said...

thanks, clifford!