Friday, October 18, 2013

Phish Hampton Setlist and Recap: 10/18/2013

2013 Fall Tour launches tonight with the first of three shows in Hampton, VA's mothership. Hang on to your tour puppies and prepare for blastoff!

Don't forget, Live Phish is streaming the entire Hampton run. Click here to hop on couch tour. For live hijinks from inside the mothership (and the return of "Lot Prices"), follow @CoventryMusic on Twitter.

Phish - 10/18/2013, Hampton, VA - Hampton Coliseum

Set 1:  Wolfman's Brother, JIM, Mound, Chalkdust, Army of One, Nellie Kane, Stash, Ocelot, Rift, Bouncin', Walls of the Cave

Set 2:  Twist > Free, Roggae, Sparkle, Cavern, Carini > Backwards > Twenty Years Later, Velvet Sea, Antelope

E:  When the Circus Comes to Town, Suzy Greenberg


Hampton Quickie Recap by Pauly

Welcome back to the Mothership.

As expected, the boys were a little rusty for the first show back since Dick's Labor Day run. Fall tour kicked off with the first of three shows in Hampton, VA. Ticket prices plummeted to the lowest I've seen in 3.0. Stub Hub tix were $25 and that's at a markup. Extras were going for significantly less in the lot. Everyone had multiple extras it seemed. I snapped this pic of a ticket left in a tree in front of the venue.

I was hanging with the Cincy Deadhead crew and my bud Andrew. We found a spot in front of the soundboard. A group of college girls were rolling their tits off behind us. One of them kept calling out for Walfredo. "Play Walfredo!" she kept screaming the entire set.

I scored some chocolate shrooms, but it got smushed so I had random choco-flakes and shroom bits all over my pocket. It was sloppy and it made me kinda sloppy. The lights by CK5 included a few light sabre-like colors that went horizontal a few times and looked like he was crossing streams with lasers.

Jim, Stash, and Ocelot were the standouts in the first set. Jim won me back after the Bill Graham show. They almost gave up on the jam at Hampton, but pushed on and finished on a strong note. Andrew got his first Mound in 60 shows. "Hope they don't fuck it up," he joked. The lyrics were spot on but it's one of the tougher songs in Phish's repertoire. Stash was one of the highlights of the set, but Fish botched the end. Both Trey and Page passive aggro called him out. Light-hearted ribbing. "James Brown woulda fined him $5 for messing up," said G-Money.

Twist kicked off the second set. Thought it would start a cavalcade of woos, thankfully, Trey kept the woos locked up with the Gimp in his S&M chest. Andrew called the Twist jam "Floydy" because it had several Pink Floyd elements. Sparkle was devoted to cleaning out a clogged bowl. The Cincy boys were pleased and impressed I had a paperclip with me. At one point I almost twisted my ankle. I slipped on a Tampax container. No joke. I tossed it like a glowstick.

Roggae jam was the highlight of the show... until Carini popped up. Fink said it best, "Sometimes Carini are dark, some are happy, but this one was a whore." The Carini jam was like three mini jams... each one had its own unique flavor. My shroomy mind was pulled in different directions and felt they could have chosen a dozen different songs to launch into after the jam (swore they were gonna bust into Sneaking Sally), but they opted for Backwards. "What a buzzkill," mentioned Mr. Fabulous. I was having fun in the rabbit hole after we got lured into Middle Earth by Carini, but the Backwards was rough. At least it finished strong. I dig Twenty Years Later but coupled with Velvet Sea, that left a 20 minute hole of deflated air in the set. A blistering Antelope quickly brought everyone back to life, but it was too little too late. The encore was a double dip of Circus Comes to Town (more commentary about us Phish freaks)  and Suzy Greenberg. No new songs... yet.

Here's a couple of Vines: Shakedown scene and Stash. I also posted a few pics on Instagram (@CoventryMusic).

One down. Two more to go in Hampton.


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