Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Phish Setlist: Bend, Oregon 7/22/15 - Night 2

Setlist art mashup by @neillybop and @change100

Phish stuck around Bend, Oregon for the second night of a two-night run, which kicked off summer tour.

We're currently on tour, so follow @CoventryMusic for live updates from the lot... weather permitting of course.

FYI... if you wanna rage it up on couch tour, tonight's Bend shows will be webcast on LivePhish.

Here's what you missed on the second night at Bend...
Phish, 7.22.15 Bend, Oregon

Set 1:  Stash, How Many People are You?*, Winterqueen, Heavy Rotation*, Back on the Train, Scabbard**, Maze, Mercury*, Possum

Set 2:  A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing > Waves > Wingsuit, Farmhouse, Simple, First Tube

E:  Bathtub Gin

*= first time played
**= Phish debut of TAB song
Here's Pauly's RECAP of BEND.


Phaser said...
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PhillyPhishGuy said... rule.

donaldosborn said...

Thanks a million.

thefamilyguy said...

Thanks again!

Mario Bono said...

Thanks man. Looking forward to hearing these.

Phaser said...

FYI To the people posting my link on other boards, please stop. Take the time to re-upload them yourself, don't ruin it for everyone else.

Pauly said...

Thanks to Phaser. He's an awesome guy!

We have a good thing going. Please let's not ruin it! I understand everyone wants to hear new songs but please be wise about sharing these links off site.

I'm still in Bend and it's travel day to Bay Area. I will try write a quickie recap if I get some time later.

Unknown said...

Yeah People, exactly what Pauly said here! BTW, I love this site! It's my go page for phish news, reviews and general good-hearted fun and non-sense. And the pics with Lazer Cats in them RULE!! Thx for all your work Paul!

The Kids Under the Carpet and the Purple Humpedback Whale said...

Thanks again Phaser!!!!

Al Maven said...

Here's another.... Please don't ruin things by re-posting on other boards. thanks!!BVNmlJrA!AcrZ6cuLXEwlD1Y3k6CzP88vP2jRUsasXy19STpb4eM