Friday, July 24, 2015

Phish Setlist: Shoreline 7/24/15, Mountain View, CA

Setlist art mashup by @neillybop and @change100

Phish returned to Shoreline for the first time since 2009. I love Bay Area shows, because you never know if someone from the Dead crew might sit in.

We're currently on tour, so follow @CoventryMusic for live updates from the lot and Shakedown... weather permitting of course.

Here's what you missed at Shoreline...
Phish, 7/24/15 Shoreline Ampitheatre, Mountain View, CA

Set 1: The Line, Moma Dance, Kill Devil Falls, Yarmouth Road, Undermind, Free, Reba, 46 Days

Set 2: Blaze On > Twist > Light > Joy, H00d > Cavern

E:  Character Zero

Here's Pauly's recap of the Shoreline show.


Phaser said...

2nd set can't be downloaded, I'm still waiting

Unknown said...
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MeToo said...
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Phaser said...

The 2nd set appears to be working now on the app now, but I'm out of the office at the moment and can't droid until later.

donaldosborn said...

I did not create this link, but I found it. Not sure what the etiquette is but here it is.

Unknown said...

long time phan, phirst time posting. 1st thx to phazer and everyone else for spreading the love.

I'm 1 ticket short this year from my grand slam atl => NASH => the Mann => Merriweather

Looking for a Nash tick if anyone can help. I've got an extra pit for the Saturday show in ATL for trade and/or a steal your face miracle.


Pauly said...

@Stelliot... Try ? It's a tough ticket for sure. Good luck.

Phaser said...
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Unknown said...

Nashville now on lock down via Cash or trade. Thx @pauly.

PS - Last nights LA show was sick. Best 2nd set thus far