Saturday, January 16, 2016

Phish Mexico Setlist and Recap: 1/16/2016 Riviera Maya

Saturday night in Mexico with Phish playing the second of a three night stint.

The first night was sea/sand/beach themed with a slew of covers and a single nod to David Bowie with...David Bowie to close the first set. Would there be any Bowie covers on the agenda for night 2?

The Joker (aka @neillybop) is in Mexico providing Twitter updates on @CoventryMusic.

Check us out on Instagram for Joker's memes and Mexico pics… @neillybop and @coventrymusic.

Pic courtesy of aLIVE Coverage © Phish

In case you missed it, here's the setlist for Phish in Mexico night 2...

Los Phish, 1/16/2016 Riviera Maya, Mexico

 Set 1: Camel Walk, 555, Rift, Cities > Light > Simple > Timber Ho > Velvet, Reba, Chalkdust

Set 2: Golden Age > Prince Caspian > Halfway to the Moon, JOY, 46 Daze, Twenty Years Later, Julius, HOOD

E: Zero
by @neillybop
* * * *

Quickie Couch Tour Recap: Mexico Act II...Oblicuo
by @taopauly

The Joker was at the show, but I was rocking couch tour back in Northwest Mexico aka Los Angeles... Camel Walk funk opener... Cinqo Cinqo Cinqo... Rift made Page sweat heavily, like Patrick Ewing waterfalls... Cities > Light and Simple was a quality 30-minute chunk. Highlight of the set, but perhaps the show?... Timber quickie... The Joker said they ran into the ocean and danced for Velvet Sea... If you're a stats nerd, that's 38 consecutive Velvets without Page crying. Keep it up, Leo... Sublime Reba... Efficient Chalk set closer, but slight curveball (CDT has been a set 2 opener/jam vehicle)... Setbreak included a quick Spanish lesson...


The setbreak music was the ocean. They left on the audio of the waves crashing on the beach. Soothing setbreak music... Set 2 cover blast off with Golden Age > amberwaves jam... Caspian went sideways. Oblicuo Capsian. Evil Casp. Dark. Nasty in a good, filthy way... Moon>Joy'd... 20 Years Later sandwiched in between a pair of instant-boost uppers with 46 Days and Julius... Redemptive Hood to close the set (waaay smoother than MSG's Hood)... Heard there was an 11pm curfew (?) and set ended at like 10:53pm, so we expected a quickie encore... Zero capped off the second night... Two down and one more to go in Mexico. Lots of heavy hitters left on the table plus covers.

Mexico Setlists: 1.15 
MSG NYE Setlists & Recaps12.30.15 - 12.31.15  - 1.1.16 - 1.2.16


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What a show!!!

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These are not the droids you're looking for:

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@Argo...Muy rapido. Nice work. Gracias.

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