Friday, July 05, 2019

Phish Fenway Park Setlist: 7/5/19 Boston, MA - Friday Night 1

Phish returned to play in front of the Green Monstah at Fenway Park during a two-show run in Boston.

Both Fenway shows will be webcast on LivePhish.

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Here's what you missed on a wicked wasted Friday night in Boston...
Phish, 7.5.19 Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Set 1: Free, Blaze On, 555, Tube, Brian and Robert, Halfway to the Moon, Ocelot, Rift, Everything's Right, Jim

Set 2: Sand, Axilla, Mercury > Velvet Sea, Fuego > S.A.N.T.O.S., Zero

E: Bug, Squirming Coil

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DEADphishSPREAD said...

Looks like fire! Bring on those droids! 🤙🤙🤙

rewardport said...

whoever feeds the droids needs to stop passing out before everyone else. i am dying inside. OD

ckess22 said...

These are most certainly not the Mp3 Droidz you've been looking for!yPQESa4J!LgFKDIXIvlD1Zubup7SFlg

or the Flac!ybYW1IiC!DR7OIJ0q7zvPZZQzo_QOwQ