Friday, July 12, 2019

Phish Setlist: 7/12/19 Alpine Valley, WI - Friday Night 1

Phish closes out the tour with a three-show run at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. It's a triumphant return to Phish back to the sloping lawn of Alpine Valley. Be careful in the lot. Big brother sees all.

This weekend will be webcast on LivePhish.

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Here's what went down back in Wisconsin for Phish...

Phish, 7.12.19 Alpine Valley, WI

Set 1: Sand, Tweezer > Free, Turtle in the Clouds, Set Your Soul Free, Lawn Boy, Camel Walk, Theme > Rift, Wolfman's

Set 2: No Man's Land > Caspian > Everything's Right > Roses > 2001 > Wedge > Light > Plasma > Light > 46 Days, Coil

E: A Life Beyond the Dream, Tube, Grind


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DEADphishSPREAD said...

Ugh fell asleep during couch tour 😭 hoping for those early morning droids!

Unknown said...

Got to work, they don't want me without them droids I never want to see

Teddy Wong said...

Good morning all. Here are your droids to have with your coffee.



Etch said...

Nice work, Teddy!

DEADphishSPREAD said...

Thanks brother, much appreciated!

Phil said...

Thank You!

Pauly said...

@TeddyWong... great work TW.

allaboutstyle said...

thank you, sweet show last night!! Camel Walk, Rift, Roses, 2001, Wedge, and a Tweezer in the 2-hole.

tzaddi said...

thank you for the droids