Thursday, August 13, 2009

Phish 8/13/09 Darien Lake Setlist

Phish 8/13/09 Darien Lake, NY Setlist

Set 1: Sample In A Jar, Dinner And A Movie, Wolfman's Brother, My Friend My Friend, Possum, Farmhouse, Sugar Shack, Brian and Robert, David Bowie, Bathtub Jin, How high The Moon*, Golgi Apparatus

Set II: Drowned>Prince Caspian> Rift> The Horse > Silent In The Morning, Sparkle > Antelope> Suzy Greenberg > Fluffhead

E: Joy, First Tube

*Tribute to Les Paul who Died today at age 94. Last time played 03/08/1993 (704 shows)


jonas0tt0 said...

Last time played 03/08/1993 (704 shows)

Does that mean its a bustout?

Dr. Pauly said...


Sammy Martin said...

with a total of 22 songs played and the les paul bustout, yes this must have been one heck of a show. sad about les, but awesome the boys gave him his due.