Thursday, August 13, 2009


One of the best up & coming bands in the scene right now goes by the name YAMN! I have seen these guys play at least a dozen times since 2006. In the last year they have really taken off and attracted quite the following around the Mid-West and especially in their hometown here in Denver, Colorado.

The last show I caught was post Phish Red Rocks at Quixote’s True Blue. At one point, The Joker and I looked at each other in amazement with how hard YAMN was throwing down. This happens almost every time I see this band. On top of being sound musicians, they rarely charge more than a $5 cover. Paul Whitehouse is the Lighting Director and essentially the fifth member of Yamn. The light show ALONE is worth the $5 dollars.

If you're into Phish or other Progressive / Ambient / Rock - Check out YAMN:

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they sound good;