Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cool Pins from myfe Designs

The gang myfe Designs created several amazing pins! Check them out..

Reba's Halloween Cauldron

Commemorating the Festival 8 Halloween madness, this pin is a 100% original representation of what Reba was up to this epic weekend. Mixing the old with the new (Reba and Party Time), this pin gets to the essence of Phish 3.0. Having been made and printed months in advance, this pin rocketed to legendary status right off the bat, as the boys opened the weekend with Party Time! What a call! Like the weekend itself, the Cauldron represents a mixture of ingredients slow-cooked together . . . with delicious results. Chock full of song references and hidden features, painstaking detail and the most eccentric shape yet conceived, this pin is truly over-the-top.

Reba's Halloween Cauldron, includes:
-Toxic Waste, Some Purple Paste
-A Forefoot and a Hoof
-An Apple Core, Worms Galore
-Reba’s Ladle ("Reba Dip a Ladle")
-Hidden California with Site Star
-Phish Bubbles Emerging from the Ooze
-"Party Time" in Dripping Glitter Blood

Head over to myfe Designs to buy the pins.

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