Sunday, February 28, 2010

House of Hats - Against the World

I discovered this group of friends (Brits) jamming based on a tweet from poker player/rapper "spiritrock" aka Prahlad Friedman. Has that indy/alternative vibe thing going on, but the girl, Miss Al Brown has a sweet voice. Apparently Miss Al likes hats hence the name. According to the group:
House of Hats are a group of friends and musicians. We got together, set up one microphone, set up the inbuilt mac video recorder, pressed record and jammed a song we'd written ... this is it, first take, hope you enjoy it. You can expect more of this kind of stuff, so feel free to follow us on twitter/facebook/youtube :) H.o.H.
A foreseeable issue with the name as there is an Irish band calling themselves the same thing.

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DiscoSis1 said...

good find!
in other news my word verification below is "duche"