Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Move Over, McLovins

Scale model of the Millennium Falcon? Strong.

Stuffed fox? Stronger.

Sick, sick, bluegrass skills? Strongest.


Strawberry Shortcake said...


Dr. Pauly said...

Is that a kid, or an alien?

Seven Seconds! said...

I just tweeted this to Will Leitch (ex-editor of Deadspin) and he agrees:

TimJPReardon@williamfleitch I didn't know you were incredible at the banjo at age 10: http://tinyurl.com/42y7uew
4 minutes ago

williamfleitch@TimJPReardon The best. Practice was the only way to avoid the beatings.
1 minute ago

Wayne said...

Wow! I LOVE seeing kids with so much talent!


openid said...