Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phish in Colorado for 3-Show Run During Labor Day

In the post-hiatus world of Phisdom, the boys from Vermont ended their ban from Red Rocks in the summer of 2009 and returned for an epic run at the most magical outdoor theatre in the world. Last summer, the band played a destination show for a two-night run in Telluride. The also performed three nights in Broomfield, CO at the start of the fall tour.

It's no surprise... the boys love Colorado, and now you can add three shows over Labor Day to the mix.

The Coventry Crew in Telluride (2010)

A couple of months ago, our sources confirmed the boys would be playing a three-show run over Labor Day weekend inside the soccer stadium where the Mile High festival takes place. Our source also confirmed that the band/management wanted to wait as long as possible due to sluggish sales for Super Ball IX. Hence, why the Brahlorado announcement was held back a couple of weeks...until today.

We had also heard a medium-spiced rumor that Phish was going to play a couple of shows in New York City at Governor's Island. But once Dick's Park was kangfirmed, we had no idea if a multi-night run in NYC would be possible before or after Colorado. At this point, the band's press release killed any more speculation at any more summer-ending shows.

Anyway, the news is up on, so the ocelot is out of the bag. The Coventry crew is (primarily) based out of Colorado, so expect as many of us at those shows as possible.

Here's what says...
Phish will close their 2011 Summer Tour with three consecutive nights at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO over Labor Day weekend (September 2, 3 and 4). Onsite camping will be available in the lush soccer fields adjacent to the stadium. Colorado was the site of Phish's first extended tour outside of the Northeast, and the band has enjoyed a special connection with the community ever since. These additional dates will be the last announced by the band for the Summer and Fall.

An online ticket request period is currently underway for the Dick's Sporting Goods Park shows at and will conclude at noon ET on Monday, May 23. Tickets will go on sale to the general public beginning Saturday, June 4, at 10:00 AM MT.
Click here for ticket lottery.

"See ya in Brahlorado for a Labor Day throwdown!"


Paul said...


see you guys there!

any word if/who will be opening for them on this three day run?

Dr. Pauly said...

No word on openers, but we're hearing that one of the late night shows at Cerventes will be a Kang side project featuring Justin Beiber and/or Michael Stipe.

jonas0tt0 said...

Dave Mathews Opener!!!

Andrew said...

All GA too...Field AND Seats.

The joint holds 18,000 seats, PLUS the Field. That puts it up there in the Alpine Valley range, yes?

Should NOT be a difficult ticket.

Red Rocks holds about 10,000.

In agreeance? ;)

Paul said...

So you think the plan is to have the show inside the stadium? As opposed to with a stage set up on the fields as they were for Mile High Festival last two years?

Paul said...
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Paul said...

EDIT: just checked out the site and saw the GA field and seats.

Never been inside the stadium....recommendations on seats/field preference?

jonas0tt0 said...

get a large group of friends and split them up into two groups: Seats & Field - then rage both!

karichuckroryskylar said...

So excited! Our family is moving from Madison, WI to Boulder, CO this August. No Alpine, but 3 drive-able CO shows after our move date! The stars have alined. ;) Anyone have thoughts as to the advantage/disadvantages to GA field or seats at this particular venue?

Andrew said...

Here's a tip on the seating, for those who've never been to a Phish gig before...

Try to be as close and as center as possible in the field, or lower tier seats close to the stage.