Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who's Got My Extra?

Here's a quick list of tickets that we need and any extras that we might have. We are willing to pay cash and are always consider any interesting trades...

BTreotch Needs:
1 Asheville

Joker Needs:
1 Asheville

Pauly Needs:
1 Jones Beach 6.4
1 Great Woods
1 St. Louis

Strawberry Shortcake Needs:
1 Asheville

1 Burgettstown Lawn (Pauly)
1 Alpine Valley (Lawn)

Shoot us an email if you can help us out!


Anonymous said...

I'm down for a trip to TN and NC; they're right around the corner!


BTreotch said...

Got one to Knoxville - sect 100
btw this word verification is awesome: 'chemorod'

Anonymous said...

behind the stage?

B said...

yeah, behind the stage.. but since Phish is translucent, it's no big deal

Gerald said...

what day alpine do you have that extra for? email me