Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Stash Exegesis

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about Stash? Not as much as this goodbuddy here. I think we can file this under Kid Dynamite's Bug and my Silent in the Morning for MMPS (Most Meaningful Phish Song).


This next verse immediately bursts into an image of running. In the context of this song, this moment, it feels to me like the verge of panic. P is now chasing something, a mutant, something that is mutating that P can’t control. “Forest”, “fleas”, and “spindles” all give me the image that P is chasing this something while encountering thickening, quickly changing, with an increasing flood of too much peripheral information. What this mutant is should be easy to decipher at this point. What is more important is that P catches up to it, and even upon grabbing onto it tightly, can’t stop stop it from what is becoming inevitable. This mutant cries out for help. An eerie, desperate, troubled cry. For even the slightest sliver of hope to reach out for.

What I love about this moment in the song is that this cry is song in chorus by the members of Phish, that it is so frightened and desperate (this is when the song first becomes really tense), and that it becomes the musical theme for the song. The tone is now set

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