Saturday, July 18, 2009

Widespread Panic - Mile High Music Festival Live Blog

10:40pm we left Tool early and are packed in close to the stage center Schools side

10:49 Widespread Panic setlist
goin out west>space kid transition>
diner> sick Jimmy jam>
ribs and whiskey,
tall boy>
middle of arleen>
climb to safety,
dark day program>
big woolly mammoth>
flat foot flewzy> big wooly tease> flat foot flewzy
good people>jam>good people>
Porch song>
red hot mama>
space jam>
surprise valley> drums>surprise valley>
second skin>
Greta (seriously this is an epic set it's 1:30am!)>
pickin up the pieces>
solid rock(1:54am)

e: no encore, ran out of time

wow. Panic smoked the shit out of the festival. One of the best festival sets ive seen by panic. I loved it. Rock and roll for 3 hours straight.

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