Thursday, October 29, 2009

Coventry Music Blog on Twitter During Festival 8

Most of our crew will be at Festival 8. We will do our best to provide Twitter updates through our main feed @CoventryMusic and through our individual feeds. In addition, we'll be posting plenty of random goodness here at Coventry Music Blog throughout the festival depending upon the reliability and consistency of the internets in Indio.

If you recently started up a Twitter account, or don't follow us, here's who we are in the Twitterverse...
Coventry Music Blog = @CoventryMusic
Dr. Pauly = @taopauly
The Joker = @neillybop
Change100 = @change100
BTreotch = @btreotch
Broseph = @BrosephLives

And some friends..

DiscoSis1 = @DiscoSis1
Benjo = @BenjiDiMeo
DJ Ocean = @DJOcean
Just a reminder that we tweet. A lot. Take this into consideration if you decide to follow us (especially on your mobile phone via text messages if you don't have unlimited messaging).

And if you see us wandering around all spun out in our group costumes... definitely stop by to say hello.

Have a safe and trouble-free Festival 8!


Joe said...

I have heard rumors of these group costumes. You better post some pics!

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