Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Bob Weir

Grateful Dead/The Dead/Ratdog/KingFish/Bobby & the Midnites/Further ryhthm guitarist Bob Weir is 62 today!!

I had a unabashed schoolgirl crush on Bob from the time I was 17 and a freshman at the University of Vermont during the fall of 1978. It was in one of the study lounges of UVM's Jeanne Mance Hall where I was first introduced to the Grateful Dead/Little Feat/New Riders of the Purple Sage and a host or other bands. A bunch of the guys converted their lounge into a bar/music den and nearly every night one of the dudes would collect a buck for a keg, which would then be purchased at the Beverage Mart in Winooski. Later that night we'd all convene to drink beer and listen to our favorite bands. Since it was a largely Freshman dorm with only outcasts from the upper classes in residence I don't think any of us had actually seen the Grateful Dead live and in concert.

When Bob released his second solo album(see picture below) in 1978, It was one of my first purchases after the Grateful Dead's Blues for Allah and Shakedown Street. This album cover graced my wall along with a poster of the Grateful Dead & New Riders in ponchos shot at a barn.
Although, my school girl crush faded away when Bob up and got married in the 1990's. I've remained a big fan of his. I've seen Bob play as: Weir/Wasserman, Ratdog, The Other One's and The Dead and of course the Grateful Dead. Some of my favorite Bobby tunes include: Cassidy, Sugar Magnolia, Throwin' Stones, Looks Like Rain, Feel Like a Stranger, Victim or the Crime and Two Djinn. California Rob and I were in attendance when Bob played one of the first live versions of Victim or the Crime at the Pasadena Civic Center on 4/16/1988 as part of a Seva Benefit Foundation Concert.

Many Happy Returns Ace!!

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