Sunday, October 18, 2009

Festy 8 Update

Phish recently released new information about the festival grounds for Halloween.

It seems as though that the locals are calling Indio "Little Vermont" as Phish's crew migrated out West to start building up the site. The boys are back East working on the Halloween album and other ditties. I wonder if the Boss is practicing Born to Run with them?

Anyway, check out the update because they are telling you about some of the cool shit like donuts, Bloody Mary Bar (where I'll get scores of the World Series games). There will be 50 kinds of beer sold at the infamous Coachella beer garden. The House of Live Phish returns and Kuroda lights palm trees. And the Bunny aka Phish festy radio, is also back. When you get close to Indio tune into 95.9 FM.

Click here for more info.


Benjo said...

50 different kinds of beer ! I can foresee some prop-betting activities.

BTreotch said...

I don't see anything about the Phish 8 or better poker tourney