Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Jaded Review: Hippie Watching Guides

One of the funniest things I read last year was the Jaded Review's Guide to Hippie Watching in North America. Seriously, the Guide to Hippie Watching is some of the best humor about our scene I have ever read. Pure genius. I was super excited when I got the email today that they finished Volume 2. Check out what they have to say:

"Good News! The new 32 page Jaded Review is finished and ready to ship! This issue is the hippie watching guide pt II - The raiders of the lost archetypes. The archetypes include Trimmers, Stoners, Ravers, Dreadnecks, Crusties, Gem Wrappers, promoters, Schwillers, muppetPunks and many more. This time around we worked a little harder on forming legible coherent sentences, professionally printed the covers and actually edited it and ran spell-check. Additionally, we redid the covers for the other two issues and put up bundle packages so you can easily get all the jaded reviews you can stomach in one go."

Im super excited to read the new edition, especially what they say about the Trimmers- I know a few of them. You can order here or come over next week and take a gander at my copy.


jonas0tt0 said...

dude, I was going to post this! You are such a BLOG HOG, joker!

Luke C. Bowden said...

Seriously how do I get a review copy that is right up my alley. We have many anthropologically related cousins north of the 49th parallel.

Backup said...
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