Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pauly Talks Phish on This Week in Poker

I appeared on the TV webcast of This Week in Poker yesterday to plug my book Lost Vegas. If you like poker (or want to see Lacey Jones in a bathrobe), then can view the entire show below.

Just a heads up, a little bit of a Phishy discussion breaks out in one segment. At the 45:40 mark, I got asked about my Hartford Whalers t-shirt which branches off into a discussion of Phisheads and when the Phish book is coming out.

Forward to the 45 minute mark to catch the Phish talk.


jonas0tt0 said...

Very cool!

I watched from the Phish part on. I didnt know wtf you guys were talking about for most of it, but i thought you came across very well.

Anonymous said...

those poker guys seem kinda feminine

jonas0tt0 said...

you mean, GAY?

I think its a hipster thing...