Friday, September 03, 2010

Shakedown Street -Remix by EC$TACY

Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street [EC$TACY Edit] (REMASTERED) by tommiesunshine

Some of you will hate this but as an old-school Deadhead who grew up during the days of disco and who also likes dance/electronica/trance music I approve. Imagine Jerry rocking this out in that white suit he wore on the Go To Heaven album. Now Get out your glow sticks and polyester put on your Disco Ball Helmets, put your hands in the air and listen to this great remix of the Grateful Dead Classic - Shakedown Street.


HAL_Masa said...

Love this. Thanks.

Dusty Bottoms said...

Nice. Like this one too. (off of pt)

BTreotch said...

sweet.. dig the Beasties remix quite a bit too