Tuesday, September 21, 2010

YAMN @ Three20South

This past weekend, Katie and I took a trip to Breckenridge, CO to attend the annual Oktoberfest, and see Yamn Saturday night at Three20South. I wasnt planning on writing about this show, but was so impressed by the band and venue that I feel compelled to do so.

Im going to start with the venue. I have seen only a handful of shows at Three20South throughout the years, and most of them were under the old ownership when it was Sherpa & Yett's. I think I have just become used to shitty service at venues, because I was truly surprised by how well the place was run, and also by the high level of customer service at Three20South. It's strange to even use the term "customer service" when talking about about a venue because its so rare to receive any at a show.

Yamn sold out the show with aprox. 300 in attendance, and with two bartenders, I never waited more than a couple of minutes to get a drink. In addition, even with how hard these two girls were working their asses off, they still found a way to remain pleasant and keep a smile on their faces all night long. At one point, I saw the owner bar backing - something I have NEVER seen before.

Now for the part that sold me on this venue. I don't know about you, but when I go into a bathroom at a venue, I expect the toilets to be filled to the rim with piles of shit. However, during Yamn's second set, I walked into the bathroom and found the door guy plunging a toilet.

"What is this guy doing? He is the door guy! Why is he cleaning the toilet? He should be checking ID's and yelling at people..."

This is what I thought to myself as I watched him plunge. It was obvious that the staff at Three20South truly wants the patrons of their venue to enjoy themselves. They care about promoting the scene, keeping it clean, and making it friendly. In my opinion this makes Three20South, Summit County's premiere music venue.

Yamn blows my mind and exceeds my expectations EVERY time I see them. The week before this show, I was able to catch my first "real" STS9 show in 3 years, and I was not impressed. I couldn't pinpoint why until I saw Yamn this past weekend and realized that STS9 has lost their soul. They are not inspired, their music is filled with noisy Ableton tracks which clutter the sound, and they are simply moving through the motions of their songs without feeling them. When I watched Yamn perform, I noticed a level of excitement and inspiration that infected the crowd all night long. They feel the music and have a fire that burns in their playing, taking the listener on a roller coaster of rage.

One of the highlights from Saturday night was the ongoing Top Gun theme in the two sets. At one point they played a version of the Kenny Loggins hit, Danger Zone. I am not a fan of this song at all, however they played a version that had the entire room going apeshit. I don't have any video from Saturday night, but here is a little taste from The Fox Theater in Boulder a few months ago.

If you live on the West Coast or in the Mid-West, make sure you check out Yamn - A Hearty Buffet for the Hungry Ear!


Ziggy Stardust said...

So THAT'S why I didn't see you at the Mish...
Glad to see them getting some press on here. After the Pretty Lights debacle (A couple years ago when there were still two owners, there was enough raver rain ((sweat recondensed on the pipes above the floor)) that it shorted out the sound system and cut the show short, plus it took forever to get in, plus the cops were all over the place that night.... you know, a debacle.), the Joker decided he would never go back. And just so you know, the owner reads the blog. HI ROCKO!!!! And he has impeccable taste.

Yeah, they bust their asses in there. Gibby, the bald guy who does, well, everything, is awesome, even if he did steal my job. Good for him. He has way more energy than I do.


There's not much on the fall schedule, being a ski town and all, but what they have is good, and there should be a ton of stuff come winter time.

Dusty Bottoms said...

Yamn is too much fun.