Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Bios: Broseph

I was born in the windy city the year Bob Marley died. My parents left for southwest Florida before I could say bratwurst, yet after I accidentally drank an old style at age 4. Raised in a quiet beach community, I left for Tampa in '99 after learning the one University I applied to somehow accepted me. Some say it was only to be in the school's inaugural marching band. I'm a student of history and philosophy, and graduated to play music in smokey bars, chase dreams, and acquire knowledge. These days I shove letters into boxes, pursue graduate education, and laugh a lot. My musical tastes are wide yet acute. I appreciate large gatherings of people more than most things on the planet, but I also love beer. Most of all I love good stories, and try my best to gather/create them.

I also write here... Broseph: Life and TImes.

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