Monday, August 02, 2004

Bios: The Joker

I have been told that I have hipster tendencies but have a hippie heart. I have a knack for late night dance parties. I work hard at a "real" job during the week so I can see music all the time when I'm not working.

I'm the LOST + Phish guy. I make and wear disco ball helmets. I may have given you a UPS package at Vegoose or Festival 8. Wake Up And Rage.

I'm originally from Texas, but have made my home in Denver, Colorado.

Neil FonteYes

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Reid said...

If i send you some blanks, can you burn a copy of the best of Phish cd's you got posted?

Phat Phlogger said...

Hey Joker

You going to Moe this weekend? If so I'll be the tie dye guy at Sancho's before the show. Stop in and say hello.... You wacky blogger...


jeff said...

Hey It's Jeff from the mineralcache. What's up with the BlueRay Hampton shows? Can I get a copy?

patrice said...

Hi, I'm thinking this is Joker. I am going on Jam cruise 8 with my hubby and we r from Portland, Oregon. Virgin Voyage. I googled "jam cruise 8" blog to see if I could feel the pulse of what to come. Not much came up! But u did, haha! Anyway...just gonna bring lotsa dayglo weather ballons to lift-off from my artic explorer days off the top deck. Let me know if I'm missing creative bloggers for like-minded shenanegins....

C y there,


the joker said...

thanks patrice! your comment reminded me i need to post some links and info about upcoming jamcruise. its gonna be awesome!

Evan said...


Way to handle the best tour in years with the "mega" posts.

You get my MVP vote.

Zenster said...

Hey there its Noah,
Id like to share the Coffee table Phish poster Photo contest im having with you


farfel007 said...

anyone know of where i can find the audio of the 94 BEACON theater shows from NYC? was mid april 94.


MeToo said...

Thanks for all you work dude.